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The Holoscope: a cube of mirrors. A type of kaleidoscope based on truncated Platonic solids by artist Gary Allison. This holoscope is in the form of a cube with each corner cut off allowing light to enter through triangular holes. Through the symmetry of the reflections, these triangles appear as an infinite array of stellated octahedrons. Each holoscope has stained glass on the exterior and front surface mirrors on the inside which create the amazing and seemingly impossible spaces within. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for more info on holoscopes and the artist that makes them, and where to get other amazing items featured here on @physicsfun #kaleidoscope #mirrors #reflection #multiplereflection #geometry #cube #platonicsolid #optics #light #infinity #physics #physicstoy #science #mathtoy #mathstoy #scienceisawesome
Zephronia sp. From Malaysia
Via @insiderscience: A device for more precise stitches may help you recover faster from injuries. 🚑 #lifeisanadventure
Kalo bisa. Website: Facebook Page: Bagi Kertas Twitter: [at]bagikertas Line ID: [at]zvs4518b Instagram: [at]bagikertas Youtube Channel: Bagi Kertas #lubang #bumi #globe #bagikertas #umumbagikertas #sains #edukasi #lingkungan #unik #penelitian #fakta #faktaunik #ilmuwan #peneliti #science #pengetahuan #iptek
Research suggests that the two most prominent dietary risks for death and disability in the world are not eating enough fruit and eating too much salt. A systematic analysis in 2010 calculated that eating too much salt may kill up to 4 million people every year. Salt is made up of about 40% sodium and 60% chloride. We do need sodium, but vegetables and other natural foods already provide the amounts of sodium we need. Keep fueling your body with healthy foods and your body will fuel you with the energy to live! I hope that everyone had an amazing thanksgiving! 💪🏽😁
Teste do Pezinho ❤️ Você sabe a importância do teste do pezinho? Acompanhe nosso quiz amanhã que falaremos sobre o tema.
Take 20% off your order through the weekend with code THANKFUL20 🦋 . I hope everyone had a safe holiday and is staying safe for Black Friday! . Shop or via the link in my bio . All my specimens are collected from breeders and sanctuaries, who educate people about the importance of insects to our world, after they have passed away. I do not harm anything for my work. . Photo: @butterflybabegallery Limenitis arthemis - Red-spotted Purple Butterfly #THEBUTTERFLYBABE #BUTTERFLY
This artist illustration shows the thick ring of dust that can obscure the energetic processes that occur near the supermassive black hole of an active galactic nuclei. Researchers at the University of Texas San Antonio, using observations from NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), found that the dust surrounding active, ravenous black holes is much more compact than previously thought. Learn more about black holes on Credit: NASA/SOFIA/Lynette Cook #nasa #blackholefriday #blackhole #universe #space #science
Пианист из Петербурга сыграл на рояле в мраморном каньоне в Карелии. Павел Андреев исполнил свою композицию "Пробуждение", которую он написал, вдохновившись видами Рускеалы. @learnall #science #facts #instascience #наука #интересно #технологии