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Se não for para rolar dança quando a gente acerta a sequência toda, nem me chama para dar aula!!! Né não @brumarquezine 😂😂😂 . . #chicosalgadoteam #nobrearte #boxe #educacaofisica #qualidadedevida #fitness #lutafuncional #brunamarquezine #aceitaquedoimenos
Fit Twins 🔥👌🏼 @hotworldfitness - - 📽 @thewesttwins
The sky is limit if you have faith in yourself. But remember faith without works is not real faith. Follow me @alekspfitness if you want to transform from the inside out. #faith #lawofattraction #napoleonhill #believeinyourself #believe #gymlife #beautiful #fitmom #fitness #greatness #austin #texas
Need a Spot⁉️💪🤣(Tag a Friend) 🔥 @BODYBUILDINGNATION 🇺🇸 #BodybuildingNation Credit: @blessing_awodibu 👊💯 #SavageMotivation
🍀 Merci à tous d'avoir participer au concours @t.milton, pour toutes les personnes qui aiment cette marque voici un code SAMBENZEMA qui vous donnera droit à 15% sur tout le site + 2 bracelets offerts ( encore bravo à @amelie.dunez Qui remporte la montre de son choix sur le site @t.milton )
Even If @LutherFreeman & I weren't the #30DayTransformationTeam, we would STILL make our health first priority!! ° I'll tell you why.. ° I've learned during the beginning of my transformation process that being PURPOSEFULLY FOCUSED on creating healthy habits, getting up doing what I said I was going to stick to, saying "NO" to things I want to do at times so I may fulfill commitments I've made to myself, eating (Down to the ounce) to give my body it's best fuel possible and desired shape so that ALL my efforts can be revealed as I continue to be consistent, and allowing myself to abandon all I THOUGHT I knew so that I could become a student again & learn new things about me as well as life! This process has TRANSFORMED my way of thinking! Ok, long list I know! And please believe I could go on! These aren't "things I learned being a trainer" over the past 2 years.. ° I started as a Woman who knew (still knows!) that she deserves to see what HER BEST effort can produce. So I accepted the challenge I felt in Spirit I was being urged to pursue and as an awesome result and spiritual law that we all walk in... When you sow good seed, the time time will come to Harvest! This means when you invest into yourself and treat that investment as the most important deal of your life, you will see a "return" on your(self) investment! Think about what that Could look like for your life! How exciting right! Now, just know it will be even greater than what you can only imagine but have never actually seen! I am seeing strengths and understanding and gaining clarification and growing in areas I've NEVER seen before! All because I decided to commit to this process... And NO, I'm not done!😏 If you haven't started, this is your wake up call! Don't wait for another one to come and "speak to you." FitCurvy💪🏾🍑 #Humpday 💪FitAndFeminine👠 ✨ItsTheScience✨ 👂TransformationOfTheMind👂 To Get Your Own FitCurvy Transformation Plan, Go To: (click get started)
Back at ze condo to do some solid and challenging bodyweight leg exercises you can do anywurrr. Drinking some of that suh-weet @womensbest pre-workout to get my sleepy butt in gear (and for the dreaded pull-ups I did after this 😝). - I love training legs with fairly heavy weight (for me) to build mass to reshape my body but I think it can be extremely helpful to incorporate some body weight exercises into your training (I often do them after weights). They challenge you in different ranges of motion and are great for improving stability, mobility, unilateral (single leg) strength, etc 👌🏻. - I have a pistol squat progression vid from a whiiiile back for anyone who wants to improve those...perhaps I should update or repost it? People ask pretty frequently. - Oh and the Bella is optional 🐈...and actually not recommended. She moved to sit under my bum for all 4 sets of pistol squats. So helpful 😒😂. - 🎵Galantis - Salvage (Up All Night) ft. Poo Bear
Weathers starting to get chilly🍂🍁 perfect time of year to rock the Minibeast lightweight hoodie!😍 super comfy with high quality material that doesn't shrink in the wash🙌🏼 some colors are sold out in certain sizes so get yours while they last! #linkinbio🖤