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@beutelfiziert ✨ handgefertigt in Ostfriesland mit meinem eigenen Namen drin aufgenäht (schaut mal in meiner Story) 🖤 bin so happy mit der Qualität und den netten Umgang den ich mit dem Team hatte 👼🏻 #beutelfiziert
Baby foot tattoo 📩Randevu için DM atabilirsiniz. 🎉Kasım ayı sonuna kadar %30 indirim devam ediyor. #tattoo #tattoos #instagood #instalike #tattooer #instadaily #babyfoot #foottattoo #kadıköy #dövmeci #dövme
I guess it's time for a tattoo-asshole update, as in, I'm an asshole, and this is my favorite tongue-in-cheek, irreverent tattoo. Some have caught sight of parts of it and said "Abandon all hope!, so cool!" and I feel this does a grave injustice to the quite serious import of the tattoo, in that the first phrase is only HALF of the jest. So here I bring you the ENTIRE tattoo, in all its snarky glory. People sometimes ask why I'd get a tattoo that's so odd, without "real" meaning, and so crass. DUH, THIS TATTOO COMPLETELY ENCAPSULATES, IN A FEW SQUARE INCHES OF SKIN, MY ENTIRE PERSONALITY. Also, I'm a big believer in that the heart of American tattoo is a sarcastically humorous, sneaky anti-establishment irreverence, where much of early American tattoo thumbs its nose at conventional society and instead created a comfortable subculture of rebels. So NO, not every tattoo has to have some serious life-changing lesson to mean something, sometimes they're just about plain old fun, and the shock of the humorously obscene. (Also yes, my vagina is a horrifying hovel of misery, death, various cobwebs, missing watches, old bent bicycle tires, townspeople Tiki torches and pitchforks, and the souls of not only my enemies but various random passer-by's). #tattoos #tattooedwomen #tattooed #girlswithtattoos #heavilytattooed #abs #tattooart
Did you already noticed my new mirror? 👀🌹💜
Take her for a ride? DOLL 💕 @steffysickgirl 👊Don't be selfish, tag your friends👊 📣Tag @tattooed.dolls / #tattooeddolls for a possible feature📣 #tattoos #inked #perfection #tattooed #stunning #girlswithtattoos #tattooedgirls
Gran cover 😱 #cover #tatuajes #tattoos