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    13-Sep-2017 22:47:10 PM
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Had an amazing time at the @mrolympiallc last weekend! Really enjoyed meeting everyone. Had to make sure I walked through the expo shirtless and hit the Zyzz pose in the middle of it before I left! Lol
snap video, add me eriana_blanco 😌
Bali blues🌺
Late night pump 🔥
If want to be more confident learn how face ur fears. Wearing engineered life T 2.0 SAND from @bodyengineersofficial Use my discount code: engineeredbydragos and u get 15% discount on top of the summer sale from the entire range. @bodyengineersofficial Picture by @danniculescu
Mukemmeliyetçiler burada mı? 😂 Sizi mest edecek harika görüntüler var burada 😋 #mynetyemek #bizegelsene #food #eat #foodpic #foodporn #instafood #health #happy
Go to (Link in bio) to start your 90 Day journey 😊💪🏼 "I'm a busy, working mum of two teenage boys. I've always been of slim build & done some regular exercise and thought I ate fairly healthily. But approaching 45 my body was changing, I was putting on a little weight. I'd also started to feel I was at a point in my life where I needed a challenge and to achieve something just for me. I'd been following the Bodycoach for over a year on Instagram and kept promising myself I was going to sign up when I had more time. I'll be honest in the first few days of receiving cycle one I questioned whether I could do it. But with encouragement from my husband I started. Prepping- I found I didn't have time to prep meals for whole week so I prepped for couple of days at a time. This worked for me. Cycle one- at first struggled so much to eat all the food. But towards the end of this cycle it wasn't a problem at all. The build up bagel is amazing and motivated me through my workouts. Cashew Curry and Teriyaki salmon were my fav rest day meals. Reduced carb oatmeal was my fav breakfast. Cycle two- loved the extra carbs, pick and mix and introduction of weights. I worried I was putting on weight but was reassured by SH it would all be fine at the end of cycle and they were spot on. Cycle three- the pick & mix did make cooking easier and I found I didn't really need to do any prepping. Blueberry bloom is my fav smoothie. Workouts- throughout the plan I did all my workouts at home. Cycle one- Joe's HIIT workouts on you tube Cycle two- mixture of Joe's HIITs and cross trainer. Invested in some Weights at home. Cycle three- HIIT's mainly on cross trainer and weights. During the plan I had lots of birthday celebrations, social events & 2 holidays! I enjoyed myself but got back on plan the next day. On holiday I made healthy food choices where possible and did Joe's HIIT workouts to earn a Sangria or two :) I really didn't expect my transformation photos to be that noticeable!..." Testimonial continued in comments below 😊🔥💪🏼 #90daysssplan #fitness #health #fitspo
Appreciating a good booty from a young age 🍑👌
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