WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS . Intermittent fasting part 2. . Let's explore the a BENEFITS of intermittent fasting. . 1) The body will show changes in the following hormones: insulin (levels drop, triggering far burning), growth hormone (5x increase - fat burning and muscle building), testosterone (increase in both sexes, leading to stronger bones, muscles, improved brain function, increased libido). . 2) The body triggers fat burning. This happens through the hormones listed above (insulin, growth hormone, testosterone) and an increased metabolism (4-14%). . 3) You experience improved brain function. Increased testosterone reduces anxiety and depression, and improves spatial ability and memory. Increased brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) promotes health in the brain. . 4) It triggers detoxification. This happens a few ways. One, since your body isn't spending energy on digestion, it is better able to perform detoxification functions (in your liver and kidneys especially). Being in a fasted state also stimutes your cells to get rid of toxins and debris (think of this like a spring cleaning). . 5) Fasting strengthens your immune system. It does this by flushing your lymphatic system, reducing free radical damage, reduces inflammatory processes, and stimulates nervous system regeneration. . . . . . #fasting #intermittentfasting #health #healthiswealth #wellness #chiropractic #calgarychiro #yycchiro #yycfit #fitness #calgary #kensingtonyyc #revhc

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