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Con la danzarina en un nuevo año de actos, presentaciones (con la del viernes ya serán 3) y recuerdos. La tecnología facilita el compartir, revisitar y observarse, sin embargo no reemplazará a la mayor y más duradera de las memorias: estar ahí, captarlo con tus ojos y atesorarlo en lo profundo del ❤️. Denne lille feen er ren glede for hjertet mitt 😁💃. #jwconce #jwchile #hermana #septiembre #dancing #chile #love #childhood #søster #kjærlighet #liebe #mamá #sol #norge #mor #verde #naturaleza #2017 #feliz #primavera #notyet

  • Schön! (:
    18-Sep-2017 00:48:07 AM
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"I had a work trip to Utah (I'm a photographer!) and I decided to bring Matt on it so I had some extra company. One of the shoots we had was at the Salt Flats and Matt have never been, so I invited him to come along with all of us photographers. When we were finishing up the shoot, one of the other photographers mentioned how absolutely stunning the light on the Salt Flats was, and insisted that Matt and I model for a few more shots. I thought nothing of it and pulled Matt in front of the camera. After a few shots, he stared to bend down and I immediately told him to stand back up and wait for them to give us direction! He said nothing and continued getting down on one knee which is when I immediately figured out what was happening. In shock, I covered my face with my denim jacket and then dropped to the ground next to him (completely losing my cool at this point)..." link in profile for more AMAZING photos (by @kelsie.sneegas and @josph.cr!)
**Watch till the end😱😱** If you think your not an Emerald Cut lover wait till you watch this! Let us know if you're joining #teamEmerald 😍🔥 5ct Emerald Cut G VVS in an accented solitaire setting with a hidden halo #fdnyemerald #fdnyhiddenhalo
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