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Two German MG-34 gunners lay down fire onto Allied soldiers nearby after spotting them while riding on their bicycle, Normandy, June, 1944. You can see their bicycle in the background and it appears as though it was quickly thrown which suggests they only had seconds to react. Another very startling fact that speaks out to me is the fear and bewilderment going through the soldier holding the ammunition belt. He is most likely younger and less experienced than his comrade. Their helmets are also heavily camoflauged with leaves and branches which was a very common practice among German soldiers in Normandy. It allowed them to stay hidden whilst defending or inside a hedgerow and also made it harder to spot them from the air. The German soldier's experience in Normandy was a living nightmare. Little food, almost no sleep, constant threat of being killed, and no rest and relaxation. They were constantly being hunted by Allied aircraft and being strafed was so common that it was known as "Steel Weather" among German soldiers. Although they did very succesfully prevent the Allies from quickly advancing and used the terrain to the best of her abilities supply shortages prevented them for having an adequate number of supplies. They were forced to retreat because of this and the fact that not enough troops could be sent up to reinforce quickly enough since every troop movement had to be done at night to avoid being strafed. Whenever the hum of an engine was heard it became everyman for himself and everyone ran to cover. Those who couldn't make it to cover in time (usuallying only having seconds) were 99 percent of the time killed. When the Germans began to retreat it was a turkey shoot for Allied aircraft. The stench of all the dead could be smelled for miles away on some areas. In the Falaise Gap almost ever 10 meters had a dead German body killed by either the strafing, bombings, or artillery shellings. This prompted all movements to be commenced at night to prevent these high casualties rates.
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