Sista promenaden med mamma för en vecka sen! Innan jag blev sjuk, längtar tills jag blir frisk så vi kan ut och gå i skogen igen! 😍💨

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El calendario 2018 con 300 fotos de mi cuenta de Instagram ya está a la venta y por #ElBuenFin he dejado 100 autografiados. Solamente está a la venta en línea y enviamos a todo el mundo. ¡A viajar! #axm #calendario #shoponline #travel
We're spending Saturday dreaming of these autumnal colours...🍂🍁 Why not take a trip to Peak District and experience the breath-taking views for yourself? Great picture from @firstix 😍 . . #LoveGreatBritain #PeakDistrict #Autumn
“ Kitty, Let me kiss you 😽 Does anyone wants my kiss 😘
Double the trouble. ⚡️
Good morning! I don’t know how many of you have taken pictures on the northern beaches of Kaikoura but I need to warn you about ‘slippery death rocks’, recognizable by their coating of sea grass. It’s important to avoid slippery death rocks at all costs! 😂😂 If you can manage that you’ll enjoy the cutest little rock pools around. 💜💕 @KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ
@Steviewdunn and I spending time with our amazing grandfather 💕 Such a fun weekend and memorable time #FamilyTime
Where the dock ends the journey begins. #jointhemvmt (📷: @deniscebulec)