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Dimple & highlighter on fleek😂😏 lil throwback to start of this year in LA.
There is nothing stronger that a changed mind. Change your mind and you will change everything. @fitshapebody ♥️ ・・・ 5 years ago I started a journey that would change my life and how I see everything. Goes beyond the exterior but the most important, have changed my mind, make me stronger emotionally, gave me Mental toughness, perseverance, I don't give up easy in any aspect of life, I keep going until I achieve what I want , could be a simple thing like untangle a knotted chain or learn another language. 📝Find your reasons, your motivations, write down all your goals and action plan and go for it. Brain wash yourself with the things you want, only you can do it. . 📷 @angelcrickmore . . #transformationfriday #eatclean #health #ripped #abs #weightloss #weights #gym #beachbody #curvy #boobs #fit #diet #fitness #fit #bööbs #hot #happy #lean #bodybuilding
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A classic video with Bruce demonstrates the one inch and six inch punch. I'm sure most of Bruce's fans knew this film but it's important to remind the world what Bruce really was, especially to let the new generations know, he's not just an actor they saw in the movies, he's actually the greatest kung fu master ever lived. In this footage first you can see the difference between being punch by karate grandmaster Joe Lewis and Bruce. Bruce did that punch with only a six inch distance. Then Bruce demonstrated the one inch punch with the karate grandmaster, this time he did it with only a one inch distance.  The result was so obvious, if you focus on his body and movement, the point of impact, the speed of his hand from resting to punching the target, or maybe even try to punch something in such short distance.. then you'll realise what kind of power and speed Bruce had.
A caminho de Curitiba e já pensando que a previsão de amanhã será essa☀️ Vai rolar muito amor, calor e energia naquele lugar! Contando os minutos @elastelevam 🛫
Follow ➡️ @holisticali All these dates and I'm still single 😂 1. SEXUAL HEALTH: A Remedy for Sexual Debility Date syrup can be used as a treatment for weak heart. It can also be use for the treatment of sexual weakness. When it’s mixed with milk and honey, dates can be used as a tonic for the treatment of sexual disturbances for both sexes, And such syrup strengthens the body and raises its energy levels. The elderly would benefit from this syrup too. It improves their stamina and purges their bodies from the toxins that have accumulated in their cells along the years. 2. DETOXING WITH DATES AND WATER. It has been proved by the nutritionists that effective fasting is based on water and simple sugars of natural sources like the ones available in dates which are considered the best natural sugars. Studies had given proof that the person who ultimately nourishes himself on dates and water for 20 to 30 days will make his body getting rid of the most of the accumulating toxins and the body will restore his vitality much better than before. The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) confirmed this rule and stated that whoever wants to break his fast do start with dates as it is blessed, if he doesn't have any, have water as it is purification. 3. DATES AND DELIVERY Scientists says that the womb, which is a relatively large muscle, is in urgent need for natural sugar as a fuel during labor and delivery. Date is a laxative food, so it is necessary for the pregnant woman to eat dates before delivery in order to help colon and intestine in the elimination process and to activate the womb muscle and regulate its movement which aids in easing delivery. SOURCE: SOURCE: #HolisticAli #Dates #Date #Dating DM FOR ART CREDIT! IG 👉🏽 @holistictruth FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE/SNAPCHAT 👉🏽 @holisticali SUBSCRIBE TO NEW YOUTUBE LINK IN BIO 🌀EMAIL/DM IF YOU HAVE A SMALL BUSINESS OR HOLISTIC BUSINESS FOR ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES!🌀