My Dad many moons ago at our cottage... words still don't really express how much I miss this guy... Pretty Suave for a canoe ride... #myoldman #dad #misshim

  • What a great photo!! :)
    13-Sep-2017 23:19:32 PM
  • @kindalreanne aww thx Kin! In his element!! Miss ya!!
    13-Sep-2017 23:29:16 PM
  • I remember him then pretty goodlooking
    19-Sep-2017 02:06:20 AM
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Throwback time💥 throwback to when I was a 21 years old uni student from a refugee background that lived in my family’s garage. By that time, i was just another under privileged kid (by western standards), and had to work and earn anything I wanted and needed. - By that time, I knew I wanted to be “educated”, have a “professional job”, stay fit, travel the World, have a loving partner and change my behaviour to have a better impact on the World! It all seemed impossible to achieve, but like the great Steve Jobs said, you can never predict and understand why things happen until you look back and connect the dots to see how you got to where you are today! - Whilst I’m far from attaining all of the above, I’ve learnt by staying positive, content and always working hard for the next goal, magic can truly happen 💖 - As humans, we are all unique, we have our own struggles and battles in life, no body is better than any body, we can all be better, we can all be happy. As long as we focus on our current abilities and grasp every possible opportunity we get 🙌🏽 - I’m definitely not a good writer, another thing I’m always striving to improve, so I hope this makes sense and reflects the positivity that I’m trying to inflect onto others ✌🏽