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The ocean is everything I want to be.. Beautiful, mysterious, wild & free 🌊 . Whatever you do today.. do it with #confidence -Your mind will always believe everything you tell it.. feed it truth, positivity, faith, love... You've always had the power to do amazing things.. you just have to learn it for yourself. No more doubt, work hard & it will happen💙 In #jamaica w/ @alphamale05 . 👉🏼LINK in BIO -Please keep Voting 🙏🏻 #maximsfinest #maximhot100 #maxim _____________________ #fitness #fitgirl #workot #cardio #exercise #legday #motivation #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #boss #strongwomen #physique #positivevibes #positive #inspo #lift #workoutvideo #lifestyle #fitspo #health
Legs Moment. 🇫🇷 Quand mon @coach_leksa m'avait dit qu'en fin de sèche, a défaut de faire du squat par manque d'énergie, j'allais bouffer des fentes, j'aurais dû le prendre aux sérieux.. Aujourd'hui, séance quadris à base de 2 exos de presse + 2 exos de fentes et petite finition à la leg extension ! "Hiii cow-boy" depuis ce matin, mes quadris sont on fiiiiiiiire 😆 Et vous mes chats, l'entraînement du jour ? #teamfitcats #jujufitcats
The 7 Steps to Transformation: 1. Dream it. 2. Envision it. 3. Think it. 4. Grow it. 5. Become it. 6. Live it. 7. OWN it. Photo by @tibonorman
abs?? since.. when??? feeling 110% better from my stomach bug- I can now eat a meal and feel fine afterwards 🙂 (yay for small accomplishments 👼🏼) time to get back on ze ~grind~ 💃🏼💪🏼 ‼️just because summers over doesn’t mean you need to put your physique, fitness or health goals aside.‼️ Fitness doesn’t have a season 💃🏼🤷🏼‍♀️ #getatit If you need a set gym plan or workout schedule then I would suggest checking out the @ezfitguide -it’s how I’m currently training and the workouts I’ve implemented to get where I am today! 😇🔥 Link in bio! #ezfg #ezfit
When bae is lookin like a snack
VOLUME 485 cals vs. 483 cals For my clients who struggle with reducing their intake when wanting to lose weight, I really focus on where calories are coming from......A lot of my clients say they feel like they are eating more than ever whilst loosing weight with me.... simply down to calorie education. Surely a sandwich, an apple and popcorn is more satisfying than one sandwich? ⠀ Being smart with your calories can help you achieve your goal. Eating well doesn't have to mean eating less. It doesn't have to mean RESTRICTING. It can mean making smart choices🤓and making the most of your calories. ⠀ Food preparation can be a hassle but can help so much when working towards specific goals whether that be weight loss or gain. There are no added ingredients that you are unaware of and you have complete control of what goes into your meal. At the end of the day if you can't pronounce the ingredients on the packet, is it really good for us? SUPERMARKET SANDWICH VS HOMEMADE ..both egg mayonnaise, both 2 slices of bread... so what's the difference? How can 2 sandwiches have such a difference in calories and be so similar? ⠀ SHOP BOUGHT - sandwich contains 485 calories however it doesn't seem any bigger than the homemade option... the only difference will be the use of sauces and again.. invisible calories. ⠀ HOMEMADE - 324 cal 2 slice wholemeal bread, 1 egg, 50g egg whites, cress and extra light mayonnaise. ⠀ This is simply to remind you how preparing your own food can help you so much when working towards your goals... often shop bought foods have lots of extra unnecessary ingredients and calories in! A great post by @beckysfitness_ Follow 🍇 @propercalorie for more
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