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When u hate ur birthday ⠀ -⠀ Follow @animalsdoingthings for more⠀ -⠀ Submission: @merlinragdoll
"Commonly referred to as snow monkeys, Japanese macaques can be spotted soaking in the onsen (hot springs) at Jigokudani in Japan in winter. This juvenile kept making the most adorable facial expressions whilst playing with its mother." #EarthCapture by @moanaghiandoni
Carole Wiley captured this stunning photo of a Bronzed Cowbird preforming its dramatic courtship display at Santa Clara Ranch in McAllen, TX. ⠀ Carole's photo is another top-100 photo from the 2017  #AudubonPhotographyAwards.⠀
~ Pack leader on his autumn portrait. This guy had the biggest antlers I have ever seen.
+...+ 😂😂😂 +...+ Am so high 😂 +...+ 😜😜😜 +...+
When the sky gets crazy in Paris... More about the retouch on my stories ✨
From @pugnthecity: ""When you're chicken of the chicken" 🐔🐔😂"
From @pugsnkisses84: "Puppy snuggles 🐶and kisses 😘 for baby Louie 💤💤💤💤"
آمریکا - طبیعت اورگن دوستاتون رو تگ کنید👫 #GITASHENASI #usa #american #oregan #nature