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We ❤️ @kunstfalke’s drawing of Mr Bean! Use the hashtag #mrbean so we can find yours 🔍
I never told @theroc96 this but the only posters i ever had on my wall were Roc-A-Fella posters. The only people i ever wanted to emulate were them 3 & Pharrell. Only god would’ve known that i would end up working under @vegas_jones at one point in my career . So when @theroc96 told me he had a gift for me i know he wasn’t aware of how special it would be to receive this box. Then he goes a step further and tell me he wants me to be a part of the day they release. Mind blown 🙏🏽 i said all that to say this, there’s no dream unreachable if you put the work in and be a man of your word. Thanks for the honor Biggs ! #Roc4Life 🙌🏾
Little illustration from earlier this year that I forgot to post. #art #illustration
My video is finally up! Link in my bio, I talked about having confidence in your artwork (well, I've drawn from my own experiences so I hope some of the advice is helpful)🌷
"I have a 1972 Tele Deluxe @Fender Reissue. I really wanted the sound that Syd Barrett had, with a tough Joe Strummer or Keith Richards thing. It has an intense, treble-y, ear-piercing tone - not just a one-trick guitar." - Larry Schemel of @deathvalleygirls ☠️🎸 #TeleTuesday . Read more from our extended interview with Death Valley Girls at @desertdaze_official at the link in bio 👆 . #guitarcenter #gc #deathvalleygirls #glowinthedark #bonniebloomgarden #larryschemel #alanaamram #lauraharris #hagstrom #fender #rickenbacker #bass #guitar #paiste #drums #tele #vintage #desert #guitarist #guitar #musician #music #love #art #beautiful
Cuando conocimos a @rickandmorty la idea de esta pintura era que pasaran a travez del portal a nuestro mundo, puedes ver como la hicimos en mi canal de youtube "denst" 🎥 #rickymorty #rick #morty #streetart #graffiti #dibujo #ilustracion #mortyyrick #graffiti #españa #arte #artecallejero #arteurbano #art #artist #cientifico #picklerick
REPORTS OF A RARE RHINO SIGHTING! 🦏😱😂 Remain calm! ✋🏼 There is only ONE loose even though he does have a tendency to run WILD! 😈🦏😂 Ryan-O ➡️ Ry-No ➡️ RHINO! Make sense? 😜😂 When I was in 3rd grade, I played baseball ⚾️ (we ended up winning the championship 🏆🙌🏼) and it was during the season where I gained this nickname. I was literally the shortest player 😂🙄 but I had WHEELS and so do RHINOS! 😎😜 Any nicknames you remember as kids? Good thing I am a very happy and thankful 🦏 23.9 hours of the day! 😂😂😜 With Thanksgiving this week, I wanted to dedicate a post to my Ryanators and the platform that I have where I get to create and share what I am doing with you! 👏🏼 My bros @robertochoa125 & @rickochoa21 went ALL OUT on this 🔥🔥 pic for me so I am going ALL OUT with the caption! 😂😝 I was hoping 2017 was gonna be a big one and I am so so thankful it was! 🎉💯 From the movies and shows I filmed (coming out next year), becoming a movie producer, really kick-starting my filmmaking career, dropping 2 new @OchoaBoyz music vids that got great feedback, 🔥 new music (you have heard some sneak peeks) from the new album coming, my gym snaps getting crazier 😂, and especially my social media being our platform for love and positivity daily! 💯 You all know how to make me smile and I love posting cause of that. Reading your comments is like drinking a vanilla shake..... Every comment (sip) gets better! 😝😂😂😂 Thank you for growing with me......... and dealing with this "RHINO" with long hair! 🦏😜😂😂 #RhinosLoveShakes #RhinosAreLactoseIntolerant 😂😜 #GetYourselfARhino 😂💯😎🦏