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“Que la gente diga lo que quiera. A la mierda los prejuicios, las opiniones y lo que digan los demás. A la mierda todo aquello que no nos haga felices. Seamos nosotros mismos, que nadie limite lo que podemos llegar a ser. Vivamos como se debe, sin estar atados a un estúpido estereotipo. Bailemos, cantemos y gritemos de alegría. Seamos astronautas, presidentes, doctores, cocineros, seamos lo que nos hace felices. Amemos con el corazón, no con la mente. Hagamos magia, pero no ilusionemos a los demás. Abracemos a los que nos rodean cuando tengamos miedo, como lo hacíamos con nuestros peluches. Pasemos tiempo con nuestros padres, charlemos un rato de nuestras vidas con ellos, no sabemos si mañana podremos hacerlo. No hagas daño, vive tu vida, no juzgues sin conocer. Digamos “Te quiero” muchas veces. Sonriamos, sin tener una razón. Seamos locos incomprendidos, luchadores de lo imposible, conocedores de lo irreal, conquistemos el mundo y llenémoslo de paz.” / Texto: tumblr
last movie you've seen? - " i’m so sick of writing about my heart as if it’s this beaten up, bloody thing. i’m so sick of it being something i’m ashamed to look at. i’m so sick of throwing it against the pavement, breaking it open for everyone to see, opening up my wounds for entertainment. i’m sick of my pain being an art museum of broken things. i’m sick of the only thing people knowing about me is how much i bleed. because the truth is this: my heart, it’s still beating. and that’s beautiful, no matter what even my own self tries to tell me. isn’t it amazing how your heart keeps beating through every bruise? isn’t it amazing how no matter how much somebody takes from you, you still have more to give? isn’t it amazing? tell me it isn’t. tell me you think something else means more than the fact that i’m still living. the fact that if you’re reading this, you’re still living too, despite everything. so no more sad poems. no more opening up old wounds. no more staring contests with the things that broke me. no more dwelling on every crack when i am still a whole, complete person. i’m so sick of giving myself a disclaimer: a “i’m hard to love,” an “i’m crazy,” because the truth is i’ve been hurt, but i’m still pretty kind, and that is truly amazing. " — i’m going to be happy if it kills me
This little girl seems to be enjoying photomodeling while being carried safely by her parents 😍😍😍(🎥 @gizemzzor)
Always good joining Neil Cavuto on @foxbusiness @foxnews
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