My 4Runner collection, just missing the yellow and teal one. #diecast #customhotwheels #hotwheels #4runner #toyota

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    13-Sep-2017 21:40:27 PM
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Space things we love: these glow-in-the-dark Cassini and Voyager prints! Check out the @chopshopstore awesomeness at (link in bio) • #space #art #spaceart #cassini #voyager
“Once I discovered (letting my emotions erupt on the basketball court), everything about the game changed. Because now I understood that I could really lose myself through the game. And no matter what affected me, no what happened in life, I could always step on the basketball court and let my game speak to that, step on the court and just absolutely erupt… The feeling of playing with that rage was new to me but I fucking loved it.” - @kobebryant - One method I use for skin texture is to first apply a light layer of graphite, blend it out so it's smooth, and then use and eraser to remove small amounts of graphite. In this video it looks like the eraser is leaving behind lots of white dots, but next I'll softly blend out those white dots and then repeat the process. After a few passes, a finely-detailed skin texture begins to emerge. - #art #drawing #lakers #lakernation #kobe #kobebryant #blackmamba @lakers @lakersscene @lakerscommunity