Video by @cass.fb Ramps, ollies and kickflips, decks plastered with branded stickers — it may look an awful lot like skateboarding in miniature, but to aficionados like 17-year-old Cass Hirst ( @cass.fb), fingerboarding is its very own sport. “People are always like, ‘Oh, it’s a tiny skateboard,’ but it’s not just playing around with toys,” says the London native. “When I’ve done nine hours of fingerboarding straight, I can barely stand up.” As a child, Cass fell in love with skateboarding, so when he stumbled upon fingerboarding videos in 2008, he became instantly obsessed. Now Cass is so skilled, he has brand sponsorships and can perform tricks while blindfolded. “When I started, it was the furthest thing from cool,” he says. “Because I’ve made something out of it, people have a bit more respect for it. They don’t try to find humor in it anymore. They’re just like, ‘That’s cool.’” Watch our Instagram story to see some of Cass’ fingerboarding tricks. ✌️

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  • Move over, spinners are out!! #fingerexercises
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  • That fingerboard doh man your good
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  • Maybe try doing it in real life instead with your fingers you autistic child
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