LIFE IS AMAZING!!! Today I got to drive the @vaters_motorsports MONSTER TRUCK... oh and I meet hundreds of #foxfam at the meet&greet... and got attacked by wasps๐Ÿ˜‚ Thank you Canada for the amazing day!!!

  • I am from m Canada I am in Calgary
    22-Sep-2017 17:15:15 PM
  • Your so lucky
    22-Sep-2017 19:19:53 PM
  • Hey man me and my brother are starting us a YouTube channel and was going to see if you would shout us out on anything; instagram Facebook or YouTube. The channel is WhighamtwinZ. We would greatly appreciate it so much @tannerfox and if you could is there any advice we could get that would help us out. Thanks so much
    26-Sep-2017 16:07:45 PM
  • Awesome
    26-Sep-2017 23:19:44 PM
  • Did you buy it
    27-Sep-2017 23:18:24 PM
  • Hey I loved that vid
    28-Sep-2017 00:40:02 AM
  • Im ur biggest fan
    28-Sep-2017 03:01:42 AM
  • omg o my god
    28-Sep-2017 04:32:20 AM
  • I was there
    29-Sep-2017 12:14:37 PM
  • @tristianwhigham I can I have 91 subs
    29-Sep-2017 12:17:59 PM
  • And I can make you an intro
    29-Sep-2017 12:18:12 PM
  • An I can make an intro
    29-Sep-2017 12:18:33 PM
  • It's ElmzyTv if you can sub that would be grate
    29-Sep-2017 12:19:19 PM
  • Great
    29-Sep-2017 12:19:24 PM
  • Yeah man if you could do that that would be great ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ @maxxlogvanoh9 I greatly appreciate it
    30-Sep-2017 00:21:12 AM
  • I wish i could meet u
    30-Sep-2017 01:11:27 AM
  • I'm a fan
    01-Oct-2017 06:25:48 AM
  • Cool
    01-Oct-2017 21:44:58 PM
  • I was there๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ญ
    03-Oct-2017 13:57:19 PM
  • MY name is alameen
    06-Oct-2017 14:52:04 PM
  • I love you videos
    06-Oct-2017 20:14:10 PM
  • Sick dude
    06-Oct-2017 20:25:36 PM
  • Wicked
    06-Oct-2017 21:33:59 PM
  • Awasowe
    07-Oct-2017 00:14:09 AM
  • Savage
    08-Oct-2017 02:49:30 AM
  • Fire as f**k
    11-Oct-2017 02:46:32 AM
  • I like your song we do it best
    11-Oct-2017 02:47:00 AM
  • @ivanpalma958 follow me
    13-Oct-2017 23:38:20 PM
  • @shannon._.12170 follow me
    13-Oct-2017 23:38:24 PM
  • @sk8terboi63827 follow me
    13-Oct-2017 23:38:29 PM
  • @hayden090207 follow me
    13-Oct-2017 23:38:44 PM
  • @fadeyinka54 follow me
    13-Oct-2017 23:38:52 PM
  • @66huner follow me
    13-Oct-2017 23:39:01 PM
  • Hey
    14-Oct-2017 05:19:52 AM
  • Wow
    14-Oct-2017 22:51:17 PM
  • Noahtu07 fowllow me, dude you are my favorite youtuber
    16-Oct-2017 01:12:09 AM
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