Photo by @soraky Two women often make their way into Japanese InstaMeet organizer Soraky’s ( @soraky) playful photos. “They’re my wife and my friend, who represent peace and love,” says Soraky, who impulse-bought a camera 10 years ago and has been taking photos ever since. “I’m glad if my photos make people smile, and #KindComments is all about making people smile,” he says. Soraky spreads kindness not only through photography, but also in daily life. “In Japan, there is a saying, ‘Ichinichi Ichizen,’ which means, ‘Do a good deed every day.’ I try to do at least one good deed every day.” To celebrate #WWIM16💌’s theme of #KindComments, join Soraky on September 10 at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe, Japan, for his InstaMeet.

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  • فیلم سوپر
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  • The Japanese version of IT
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