when the mermaid life chooses you. 🐠 lol. 📸 @luciaparker

  • @ihalima22 I wanted a pic like this
    08-Sep-2017 22:29:53 PM
  • Need this ☺️
    08-Sep-2017 22:51:17 PM
  • Beautiful pic
    08-Sep-2017 23:01:30 PM
  • Qué envida de la buena @adriennebailon
    08-Sep-2017 23:31:53 PM
  • lol
    08-Sep-2017 23:34:41 PM
  • Beautiful photo 👍
    08-Sep-2017 23:54:59 PM
  • @gurlybuzz this makes me want to do that mermaid shoot
    08-Sep-2017 23:58:40 PM
  • @jaymejay_ I'm telling you!! We have to!!
    09-Sep-2017 00:22:23 AM
  • Your the cutest mermaid!!😍😍
    09-Sep-2017 00:44:54 AM
  • 😍😍 you inspire my travels
    09-Sep-2017 01:00:29 AM
  • 🔥🔥🔥😍
    09-Sep-2017 01:42:27 AM
  • Mermaids & unicorns 🦄 r my favorites 😍
    09-Sep-2017 02:29:05 AM
  • @funny_man_fred our girl! Lol
    09-Sep-2017 03:22:10 AM
  • Gorgeous...
    09-Sep-2017 04:03:47 AM
  • Prettiest mermaid in the world.
    09-Sep-2017 04:06:51 AM
  • so beautifulll & majestic 😍😍 just keep swimming 🐠🐳
    09-Sep-2017 04:27:01 AM
  • @sakina.seif 😍
    09-Sep-2017 04:46:03 AM
  • Magestical
    09-Sep-2017 05:28:42 AM
  • Lol this is cute!😂😍
    09-Sep-2017 11:38:42 AM
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    09-Sep-2017 13:25:37 PM
  • Swimming like a Mermaid
    09-Sep-2017 14:41:22 PM
  • 🎶I wanna be wear the ppl are🎶
    09-Sep-2017 15:58:32 PM
  • Stunning picture
    09-Sep-2017 17:32:32 PM
  • Beautiful @adriennebailon
    09-Sep-2017 20:31:39 PM
  • 🔥🍑🙏🏾 @adriennebailon
    10-Sep-2017 19:17:50 PM
  • So hot I bet the water is steaming🔥
    11-Sep-2017 00:55:47 AM
  • The little mermaid like Disneyland
    11-Sep-2017 13:41:17 PM
  • I love you Adrienne 😍😍
    11-Sep-2017 14:38:19 PM
  • 11-Sep-2017 18:12:11 PM
  • @adriennebailon your amazing 🖤
    11-Sep-2017 23:20:14 PM
  • @adriennebailon the dream to be has become, a reality that's lived in the now. Where doubt abound and clouded the way, the truth arose and now you are here to stay. Smile and dance and stay the course, oh mermaid, dear mermaid, forever is your choice. For when the wind did howl and you shivered, but for time, four the dream never withered. #inspiredwords #inspiration #inspirational #angelwords #angelpoetry #angelpoem #igwriter #ilovewords
    12-Sep-2017 20:43:31 PM
  • Love this @adriennebailon
    12-Sep-2017 23:57:05 PM
  • Great shot
    15-Sep-2017 00:42:04 AM
  • Cool
    15-Sep-2017 04:32:38 AM
  • Awesome
    18-Sep-2017 20:35:41 PM
  • Perfection ❤️❤️ #plandid #queen #pictureperfect #loveit
    23-Sep-2017 06:40:22 AM
  • You are so beautiful
    24-Sep-2017 02:18:45 AM
  • This shot made me think of your old video "Playas Gon Play"!
    30-Sep-2017 23:00:33 PM
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