Discussions of mental illness, self-love and acceptance take center stage in “Dear Evan Hansen” ( @dearevanhansen), a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical that tells a coming-of-age story of high schoolers wrapped up in a small-town tragedy. “It’s so easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you are less,” says Laura Dreyfuss ( @hotdamnitslaura), who plays Zoe Murphy, one of the lead roles. “This show is a reminder that we all feel that way at times, and the only way through is to love and forgive yourself.” Kindness is at the core of the story, and actor Ben Platt ( @bensplatt), who plays the title character of Evan Hansen, sees the importance of this message. “To me, #KindComments is about inconveniencing yourself to lift someone else up,” he says, “to use your time and heart-power to look outside yourself and see the good in someone completely different from you, someone who it might otherwise be very easy to judge.” To celebrate the upcoming #WWIM16💌’s theme of #KindComments, we’ll be featuring voices spreading messages of kindness within the Instagram community. Watch our Instagram story now to catch up with the cast of “Dear Evan Hansen” in New York City.

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