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Find me on the stair master on cardio days 🔥 Burn and tone at the same time 🍑
Cheatmeal Moment. 🇫🇷 Ce soir, c'est le fête.. Au menu : cheatmeal et paillettes ! Qui devine la composition du burger ? 🐱 📷 @margauxqntrc #teamfitcats #jujufitcats
Cupping therapy is a part self-care repertoire of many athletes, including olympians 💪🏊🏻 Have you ever tried this? ☺️ . . . . 👣 Follow @alexander_soviero for the best in male modeling & fitness! 📸 👇Tag - Comment - Share to support! ________________________________________ #Fitness #Health #Gains #Gym #Train #Training #Fit #Motivation #FitFam #Fitspo #FitnessAddict #Abs #Healthy #BodyBuilding #Transformation
This world of social media can be cruel, and suck you into a dark place if you let it. The pressure to be "perfect" is unreal and I am definitely a victim. That's why to me it's so important to follow people who put a good message out there. I'm not saying to not follow anyone who is pretty or you want to look like. But just try to make sure you're following people who INSPIRE you to be a better version of yourself not hate the current version you are. Also so important to remember that you are so blessed to be apart of this world and just to be a human in general is amazing. This life is so precious don't waste a minute picking yourself apart. I love all of you! ❤️I tagged some of my favorite inspos who embrace themselves and their flaws!
👀Visualize the future you wish for & build the life of your dreams. You gotta see it, feel it, want it, work for it & most of all #believe in it! The best is yet to come💞 . 💓For exclusive content, #bts & Custom Training/Meal Plans💪🏼 🐾LINK IN BIO . 📸 @alphamale05 ___________________________ #fitness #fitgirl #humpday #cardio #exercise #legday #motivation #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #boss #strongwomen #sexy #positivevibes #hot #inspo #lift #selfie #lifestyle #fitspo #health #bikini #tbt #belfie #hot #love #health
No thanks, I'm on a diet. 🍔 . . . #diet #healthyfood #health #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram
Some weeks/days are better than others. - Last week I was really low on energy, did not feel like working out much, and was just mentally tired and drained. This week though, I’ve been feeling really energetic, killing my workouts, I still get tired of course, but more physically and that’s the type of tired I can deal with perfectly. My moods are steady 😂 (Gemini’s will understand), and getting along with everyone just fine, woop woop. - What I’m trying to say is, don’t let one bad day or week keep you off track or throw you off, you know? It all goes away. 🤗 Hope your week is going well and productive! - The video has nothing to do with the caption but I like it so hey, “hope you don’t mind” 💁🏻.
Edzés után Pamival végre kipróbáltuk a WIWE mobil EKG-t! 🙌💪 Könnyen használható, picike és kis helyen elfér a kütyü! 🤗 - A WIWE szívdiagnosztikai eszközt szív és érrendszeri megbetegedések megelőzésére hozta létre a magyar kutatócsoport. A készülék a világon egyedülállóan képes a stroke és hirtelen szívmegállás kockázati értékelésére. ☝️ Az egészséges életmód nem csak a mozgásból és tudatos táplálkozásból áll! Figyeljünk oda magunkra, egészségünkre és szervezetünkre! ☺️ #wiwe #health #digitalhealth
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