• the newest swat team recruit
    23-Aug-2017 23:38:18 PM
  • @driftonforge just because it's showing a robot opening a door, that doesn't mean it's built to do that, geez 😂😂
    23-Aug-2017 23:46:18 PM
  • @milisoto25 🤔👍🏻💪🏻
    23-Aug-2017 23:55:07 PM
  • Is it bad that I kinda feel bad for the robot?
    24-Aug-2017 00:13:21 AM
  • You here something like ARMED POLICE then that smashes through you're front door omg I ROBOT. . . . ⌛⏳ tic ...toc . Time . Soon be upon Us .😃😄😀
    24-Aug-2017 00:13:57 AM
  • Job description: we are looking for a person who can be a jerk to our robots to test them.
    24-Aug-2017 00:28:28 AM
  • @maxipereyra88 🤔🤔🤔
    24-Aug-2017 00:36:44 AM
  • Technology with the help of new science has been developing everyday faster than we think.
    24-Aug-2017 00:56:20 AM
  • I can't wait to start schooling
    24-Aug-2017 01:08:31 AM
  • If I was that bot I'd smack that guy....
    24-Aug-2017 01:10:46 AM
  • Robotic horse incoming
    24-Aug-2017 01:11:20 AM
  • I'm waiting for that thing to turn to the guy and attack him!! Lolz!
    24-Aug-2017 01:16:19 AM
  • @ad925 🤖🤖🤖
    24-Aug-2017 02:35:06 AM
  • 24-Aug-2017 02:42:34 AM
  • Woww
    24-Aug-2017 02:51:36 AM
  • 24-Aug-2017 02:52:33 AM
  • oh.. robotics
    24-Aug-2017 03:03:52 AM
  • Has anyone ever watched the dubbed or voice over videos of these?! Some are freakin HILARIOUS!!!
    24-Aug-2017 03:29:40 AM
  • We are so close to the new life on earth keep it up sir.....
    24-Aug-2017 04:06:47 AM
  • Fabulous
    24-Aug-2017 05:12:50 AM
  • Mike, that's not her door.
    24-Aug-2017 05:28:47 AM
  • Screamo 😐
    24-Aug-2017 07:17:44 AM
  • Ne vogliamo parlare? @valbud90
    24-Aug-2017 09:52:22 AM
  • Back to the drawing board lads!
    24-Aug-2017 12:00:43 PM
  • Bruh I thought that robot was gonna smack that dude
    24-Aug-2017 12:28:41 PM
  • Stop robot abuse!!!✋
    24-Aug-2017 12:54:06 PM
  • Let it out 😂
    24-Aug-2017 13:50:00 PM
  • 24-Aug-2017 15:08:14 PM
  • 😂
    24-Aug-2017 15:59:25 PM
  • @kristenbronkhorst how insanely cool? 😲
    24-Aug-2017 17:47:27 PM
  • Awesome!!!😲😲😲😲
    25-Aug-2017 07:41:41 AM
  • Great technology!
    25-Aug-2017 07:50:24 AM
  • Cool 😎
    26-Aug-2017 20:52:04 PM
  • Hodor
    27-Aug-2017 09:58:14 AM
  • 👌👌🤘👍
    27-Aug-2017 12:48:33 PM
  • Probably easy to put in a small self defence mode there.. #scaryeritgets
    27-Aug-2017 12:49:38 PM
  • He's lucky it didn't bite him! 😁
    29-Aug-2017 23:29:22 PM
  • Jonny 5 is not alive....😁
    31-Aug-2017 03:29:16 AM
  • 11-Sep-2017 05:41:34 AM
  • 11-Sep-2017 10:09:47 AM
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