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What's your ancestry? 10% Irish? 20% Italian? 30% English? You may be surprised that the people here in Yorkshire have an unusual history. Love this great shot by @paddyo.11 of the coastal town of Whitby. Perched high on a cliff above, lies the haunting remains of Whitby Abbey, the inspiration for Bram Stoker's gothic tale of 'Dracula'...but it's not a fictional story that makes this part of Britain unique. . It turns out that Yorkshire is dominated by the ancestry that has it roots across the North Sea. Groups we have called Germanic, Teutonic, Saxon, Alpine, Scandinavian and Norse Viking make up 52 per cent of Yorkshire’s Y chromosome, compared to 28 per cent across the whole of the rest of Britain! How amazing is that? . This small town on the North Yorkshire coast lays claim to much history. In 657 AD Whitby became known as Streonshalh when the then Christian King of Northumbria, Oswy founded a monastery and Abbey there. The Vikings arrived in 867 AD destroying the monastery and renaming the settlement Whitby from the old Norse for White Settlement.... and it looks like so many Vikings liked this place so much, they made it their new home! Great shot by @paddyo.11 🇬🇧 Want your Photos of Britain to be featured? Follow us and tag us in the picture too! We feature the very best of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland! 🇬🇧
“Since the day I left you I hear your voice in every sound. Since the day I left you I see your face in every crowd, It won’t go away” What is your favorite song of this November? #hurts #view #vsco #vscocam #love #inspiration #inspire #travel #traveling #mood #travelgram #travelblog #travelblogger #mobilephotography #blog #blogger #instagram #instagood #instamood #instadaily #sky #architecture #nature #naturelovers #art
Pirate ship, assault scene 2,that will be part of a movie/documentary (not final, this will be edit). Created with 3ds max and Vray. Water, splashes and foam simulation with PhoenixFD 3.0 Boat model: @turbosquid3d Render: @rebusfarm Let us know what you think in the comments. Thank you!
#MarioBotta BIZ Building in Basel as drawn by @shinji913 :: “The round building on Aeschenplatz impresses with its two-tone striped natural stone walls and its 'negative staircase' opening in the façade, which narrows as it climbs the side of the building. The building was originally commissioned by the Swiss bank UBS and was taken over by its current occupants in 1998” :: #ArchiSketcher
Temple Bar, picture taken by @gregda For your chance to be featured please follow @discoverdublin and use the #discoverdublin thanks 😊 #dublin #ireland #europe #visit #travel #city #explore #adventure #break #holiday #architecture #photography #bar #drinks #nightlife #food
Plantagon, a Swedish food-tech company, is constructing The World Food Building in Linköping, Sweden. The 16-story ‘plantscraper’ will be devoted to offices and a huge indoor farm that will feed over 5,000 people per year. Using natural sunlight, LEDs, and robots, the plantscraper will generate more food using less land and water. Construction began in 2012, and it's set to open by early 2020.
Colorful architecture! 😍 Jawahar Circle in #Jaipur - #India 📸: @donzsy #architectanddesign