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Back in beautiful Roma for the best moment of the day... ☀️🇮🇹 #OlympusPENFClan #Roma
Happy Monday! We thought this sunrise shot from @gabgilson might just put a spring in your step. This 'egg yolk' view is of Blagdon and Chew lakes from above the Yeo Valley Organic Garden in North Somerset - how lovely. #lovegreatbritain #northsomerset #sunrise
FOLLOW ( @mr_relentless2.0 ) Hate when this happens 😆 #relentless
Pool break with these surroundings 🏊🏻🙌🏼
Around Miami 📍🇺🇸 . @easysim4u por aqui firme! #travelling #travel #trip #miami #jeanswear #ontheway #men
400 trillion to 1.. Those are the odds of becoming a human being. Religion aside, can we all agree that every one of us reading this is lucky as fuck! ✨ Don't take your life for granted. Don't complain about what you don't have. Live in the moment. Choose love over fear. And when that choice to SEND IT or not appears in front of you, do what @adventuremandan does.. And SEND IT with all you've got! 😈🤘🏽 | #ragehawaii 🎥 @adventuremandan .. ________________________________ FOLLOW @ragehawaii FOR MORE! 🌴