📱Бесплатная консультации стилиста по телефону 7-965-321-4430 WA/Viber/SMS! 🏢Адрес бутика: ул.Никольская, 17, перед ГУМом, ТЦ «СЛАВЯНСКИЙ»на втором этаже Мы открыты для Вас с понедельника по воскресенье c 14 до 20 ч., каждый день!!! Припарковаться можно у гостиницы Метрополь, Лотте плаза или на парковке ГУМа Красотки, как Вы просили – снова в наличии! Поступило в продажу 110 эксклюзивных купальников, приглашаем Вас в наш большой но уютный шоурум, поспешите, пока все размеры в наличии!!! Кроме этого, появились авторские туники!!! В наличии больше 5000 купальников и туник от более чем 40 зарубежных брендов!!! Цена от 1500 р., любые размеры! Доставка с возможностью примерки по Москве на следующий день - 300рублей, по РФ: экспресс - от 300р. до Ваших дверей!!! #патайя #купальникикупить #цум #бали #вналичии #маникюрмосква #тай #фитнесбикини #дубаи #маникюр #купальник2018 #горки #деньрожденья #танцынатнт #педикюр #bikini #майорка #очки #купальник #бикини #туника #купальникмосква #купальниквналичиимосква #blackstarwear #купитькупальниквмоскве #туфли2017 #агентпровокатор #испания #шриланка

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Long overdue, but finally made it to the Mecca for a lift🙏🏼 Atmosphere alone makes this gym something else and there's nothing more inspiring then looking up at all the photos of the best bodybuilders in history hanging from the wall. Would kill for a gym like this back home, just not the same lifting in our library ass gyms with no good machines or heavy dumbbells😿 #ReachYourMHP
2014 ➡️ 2017 (and like 30lbs up I'd guess) Having abs or being lean doesn't always mean being healthy. Gaining weight isn't always a bad thing. I needed to gain weight to help re regulate my hormones and mental health. My body was more unhealthy on the left despite that I may have looked more "fit." One thing I wanted to talk about is BMI. Your BMI isn't an accurate way of deciding whether you're overweight or not. According to my BMI, at my height (5'3") in BOTH photos I was considered overweight for my height. Clearly that isn't true. Even at my lowest weight and at 7-8% body fat for my show, where I lost my period and was at the peak of my ed behaviors, according to BMI I was STILL overweight even then. BMI only takes into account your height and weight - not body type or lean mass. So remember not to pay attention to that if BMI comes up. Things to pay attention to whether you want to gain or lose weight: your sleeping patterns, your energy levels, how clothes fit, your mood, and basically everything else besides how much you weigh. #transformationtuesday
There's only one tribe that matters - take it from the millions of Spartans around the world. Get your 2018 #SpartanTrifecta pass today and receive a Free TRIFECTA in training tech tee. #trifectatribe
Always working on them leg sweeps. 🍑Happy #Humpday! Remember, that the key to progress is believing in yourself and creating the opportunities you see for your future through positive and constructive action. Challenge yourself to give up overthinking or fearing. Give up negative self talk and trying to please everyone else at the expense of your own happiness. Sometimes these things put us far more back than we realise. I always try to make a conscious effort to make sure I am not manifesting any undue negativity through my own mindset that would slow down my own progress or affect the people around me. Start by being self-aware. Stay focused, keep it simple, embrace change and make sure to put yourself first ☝🏼 have an amazing day today guys 🖤 --------------------------------------------------------- TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS ⇗ --------------------------------------------------------- Snapchat 👻 @ kikicupcake FB 💻 Email 📧 contact --------------------------------------------------------- #selfie #musclethick #goldenerafemale #classicfigure #femaleaesthetics #femalebodybuilding #femalefigure #womensfigure #musclegirls #fbb #aesthetics #fitness #athlete #girlswithmuscle #physique #training #motivation #muscle #glutes #booty #bodybuilding #strong #girlsthatlift #instagood #figure #flex
One thing I've learnt growing up is only you can make you happy. In the same way only you can make those goals you want to reach happen! It all begins with a strong mind set . We all go off track sometimes , I know I'm guilty of that but the key word is FOCUS!! Once that's back ,there's no stropping you!!! 💪🏽👊🏽
Whoa! She got bangs! 💁🏼 'tis true! Felt like I needed a little change - so bangs it was! hehe🙈 Okay! I gotta go to the gym now! 💪🏻
Never be satisfied, always look for improvements. Life is about getting better every single day. #VancouverPro #RgArmy 👉🏼 @regan.grimes
Morning shoulder hit !!! Love @vinsanityshredclients 90 challenge. Very cool and helps me push the limit !! #fit #fitspo #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gymtime #gymlife #shredz