that's me going "awwwwwww" (wishbone's feelings we're not hurt in the taking of this photo, & don't worry he won't see it he doesn't have instagram)

  • u should make him one.
    12-Sep-2017 03:47:05 AM
  • @paolarodriguez_s uuuu pronto prontoooo juju
    12-Sep-2017 08:40:30 AM
  • Awwwww
    12-Sep-2017 18:40:36 PM
  • This
    12-Sep-2017 18:40:38 PM
  • Is
    12-Sep-2017 18:40:40 PM
  • So
    12-Sep-2017 18:40:41 PM
  • Cute
    12-Sep-2017 18:40:42 PM
  • ❤❤❤❤
    12-Sep-2017 18:40:48 PM
  • Omg
    12-Sep-2017 18:40:52 PM
  • Do you want to be my boyfriend ? You'll love Romania
    12-Sep-2017 18:41:49 PM
  • Wtf
    12-Sep-2017 18:42:00 PM
  • Okey fine :))))
    12-Sep-2017 18:42:17 PM
  • Thank you number 2😂
    12-Sep-2017 18:42:48 PM
    13-Sep-2017 05:21:01 AM
  • missing u 🌹
    14-Sep-2017 05:32:10 AM
  • 20-Sep-2017 02:20:39 AM
  • 26-Sep-2017 23:28:56 PM
  • wishbone is SHAKING
    28-Sep-2017 00:23:26 AM
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    30-Sep-2017 20:14:55 PM
  • 😻😻😻😻
    30-Sep-2017 20:14:56 PM
  • Dad part 4
    04-Oct-2017 00:11:35 AM
  • 04-Oct-2017 00:58:26 AM
  • Wishbones...he needs to get Instagram 😂💕
    05-Oct-2017 01:20:55 AM
  • I'm just putting this out there... I would fully support wishbone having an Instagram. It should happen.
    07-Oct-2017 22:41:43 PM
  • "We're"
    09-Oct-2017 00:14:59 AM
  • Daddy tm
    09-Oct-2017 01:34:46 AM
  • THE PUPPY ! 😍😍😍😍
    09-Oct-2017 03:59:12 AM
  • SOOOO CUTE 😻😻 (talking about the PUPPY)
    09-Oct-2017 04:02:22 AM
  • 😍😍😍
    12-Oct-2017 08:17:39 AM
  • I’m in love
    12-Oct-2017 08:47:54 AM
  • Doggo got u shook 😂
    13-Oct-2017 19:10:47 PM
  • love this
    14-Oct-2017 12:56:16 PM
  • Aww what a cutie😍😍
    17-Oct-2017 15:03:45 PM
  • @lunaamloos this guy
    17-Oct-2017 20:59:27 PM
  • 20-Oct-2017 15:20:38 PM
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haha im done 😂😭 follow me ( @femaletypes) for more ☺
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#TwerkTeam! 🍑🍑 For the last mobility/stretch video this hip series with @DocJenFit, we are addressing hip adduction and abduction!! These are just fancy words for “bringing the thighs together” and “spreading the thighs apart.”😉 Having the ability to spread the legs apart or cross them over each other will with help with squatting, dance, deadlifting, gymnastics, etc. The hips are pretty much meant to be able to move in every possible direction🔄 in a controlled manor🕹. If you found that you are limited ❌in any range of motion, working on improving that motion with the videos📲 this week will help your knees, hips, and back. . . @DocJenFit is demonstrating the harder 💯variation of both adbuction (first exercise) and adduction (second exercise) because she is #flexy AF. 💁🏻 . . For the first set of exercises, gently activating your knees (Jen) or foot (Andrew) down ⬇️into the ground will engage⚡️ the inner thigh muscles WHILE they are being stretched… then relax the muscles and sink into the stretch. Repeat. This contract😡-relax😴 method is great for loosening a muscle and opening up a joint. You can rock forward⬆️ and backward⬇️ in both exercises and play with different angles of the feet. Notice with Andrew’s variation, he rotates the leg and also lifts it off of the ground (strengthening component🔥🔥). . . The second set of stretches are meant to open up the TFL(muscle that attaches to the IT band) and glute medius in the side of the hip. Opening up this range of motion will also help to improve your internal hip rotation. Keep your torso upright and square ◼️with both of these stretches. . . Tomorrow 🔜 @DocJenFit will post the STRENGTHENING exercises for hip abduction and adduction. They are SUPER awesome. -💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach . . ⚡️You can learn to move better and live pain free!  The MoveU Method is a step-by-step online training program to transform your movement and accelerate your journey back to a pain-free life. Learn more about the method by registering and attending a free live webinar.  Click the link in our bio or visit⚡️
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While you were busy following the Taylor Swift drama, Lil Jon was in Ghana building a school for kids