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Here’s to renewed inspiration and open lines of communication! I feel there is a need to sincerely apologize for not giving enough attention to YOU, my followers, over the past year. Even though I always read comments, YOU don’t know I read them and that’s not fair. I have not been taking the time to respond and check out your pages to see what you’ve been up to. THAT changed a few days ago... some of you may have noticed. I’m not saying I’ll go back and check 20 posts ago for new comments nor am I saying I won’t have some busy days where I can’t, but I will do my very best to keep up with at least the last few days worth. So if you’ve asked me a question on a post and I never got back to you, ask it again on this one! If you want me to check out your last post, leave a comment for me to do so on any post moving forward. I’m sorry it has been a one way street lately. Thank you a million for always supporting me and my family! I encourage each and every one of you to do the same with your followers! Pay it forward and let’s continue to inspire and open the lines of communication. ❤️ . Wearing @aloyoga. EXCLUSIVE early-access to @aloyoga’s Black Friday sale starts today. Take 25% off full-priced items (this includes their new holiday line). Just head to their site & use code: SELFLOVE to shop! Make sure to click on the link in my bio to shop my faves!!!
HEYYY WHASSUP IT’S ALMOST THANKSGIVING!!!!🤗 Super excited about the yummy food and family time but also STOKED to head somewhere with a little bit warmer weather.😂 What are your plans for the holiday!?
Left or right?😜 - Finally got a lift with my bro @anthcamps
Floyd is still putting in work! Ya'll really think its for no reason???! 🤔🤔🤔🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
😂Awesome tummy art! TAG A FRIEND THAT WOULD LAUGH 😂 - 👇Do you know anyone thats expecting a baby?👇 - Follow @f.eatured for a shoutout! - 📷: @? (Please dm for credit!) #baby #fitness
. Checando mis avances! Es increíble cuando vas a probarte ropa y te encanta lo que ve jajajaja!! Auto estima es TODO! - #sunday #shopping #body #bikini #leg #muscle #happy #day #night #wcw #girl #fitness #model
You can always get more money, But you can’t get more time. Life is a collection of experiences, make the most of your time. @circulrco #WristTakers
Training 6x a week, so recovery is KEY for me right now! . I use @1stphorm 's BCAAs before-or during-every workout. BCAAs are three of the essential amino acids that your body absolutely requires to operate. BCAAs are widely known to increase performance and recovery, but there is also a direct correlation between BCAAs and fat loss. These are helpful whether you are looking to add muscle mass or preserve muscle while cutting. . Get some with free shipping when you use my link! . .
33 weeks today. Being pregnant I am reminded daily how important self love and self care is. The better I take care of myself, the better care I am taking of my little one. These days that often means more sleep, slowing down and allowing my body to do the biggest job its ever done, create life! _______________________________ We all need a little self love! @aloyoga is giving you early-access to their Black Friday sale! 25% off all full-priced items using code: SELFLOVE #aloyoga