• Lol
    21-Aug-2017 21:11:27 PM
  • she is absolutely adorabull!!!!
    21-Aug-2017 21:15:09 PM
  • @randomclaw thank you! ❀️🐾
    21-Aug-2017 22:03:49 PM
  • πŸ˜„
    21-Aug-2017 22:36:16 PM
  • So cute... love that smile. Big ❀️
    21-Aug-2017 23:34:09 PM
  • Oh Fiona! My niece 😊
    22-Aug-2017 05:08:16 AM
  • Oh my gawshhhh look at thay smile this made my day β™‘ thanks for sharing
    22-Aug-2017 17:34:58 PM
  • @quinnerpie 😘
    22-Aug-2017 18:47:05 PM
  • @threepeice__kapone awwww thank you!!! Fiona is a happy girl! I love seeing your daily pics of Kapone ~ he is amazing! πŸ˜„
    22-Aug-2017 18:49:21 PM
  • Such a happy fur baby! Must love the car!!!
    22-Aug-2017 23:06:34 PM
  • @winstonthedog thanks Winston and Layna! My brother and I are salt and pepper just like you two!❀️🐾
    03-Sep-2017 21:35:26 PM
  • @princesspittie she LOVES trips in the car!
    03-Sep-2017 21:36:08 PM
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