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#DeadliftSeries Part 4️⃣ of 8️⃣! Do you use your feet 👣when you deadlift?! All the force⚡️ you generate to actually lift up an object from the ground comes FROM the ground through your feet! If the toes and arch of your foot are inactive and your toes lift up during a deadlift, you are unable to produce maximal force📈 to lift the object. Your ankles, knees, and hips will not be in proper 🚫alignment if your feet are not engaged. . . Here are some simple cues for activating your feet in LIFE, not just the deadlift. 1️⃣Take your shoes off!👟🚫 Or wear minimal shoes with a larger toe box 📦than traditional shoes. 2️⃣Lift your toes up⬆️, spread them apart↔️, and reach them forward⬆️ as far as you can. 3️⃣Drive the toes down⬇️ into the ground. 4️⃣Pull the toes back toward your heel by lifting the arch. 5️⃣By activating the arch and your hip, rotate the leg, knee, and thigh outward.🔄 6️⃣Maintain this active position 🏋️during any lift. Don’t let the big toe come up! . . Actively driving the big toe 🐷into the ground will actually help to activate the glutes🍑!!! If you find that your toes lift up off of the ground at any point during a squat or deadlift, then your glutes cannot fully engage. You are not maximizing your power and may be using your back! 💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach . . ⚡️You can learn to move better and live pain free!  The MoveU Method is a step-by-step online training program to transform your movement and accelerate your journey back to a pain-free life. Learn more about the method by registering and attending a free live webinar.  Click the link in our bio or visit⚡️ . . #MoveU #Deadlift #deadlifting #weightlifting #powerlifting #strength #backpain #sciatica #painrelief #fitness #crossfit #mobility #getfit #fitfam #workout #workhard #amazing #body #happy #knowledge #education #motivation #fit #enjoy #lol
What life advice would you give kids? 🤔 Thank you NYC Schools 🙏... #Education matters... #Teachers matter... #Parents matter... #Advice matters... Let's strive to leave a better planet to our kids and ALSO strive to leave better kids to our planet. 🌎📚 . . . . . . . . . . . #stevemaraboli #lifelessons #inspiration #motivation #wisdom #school #speaker #mindset #psychology #instagood #philosophy #thoughts #helpingothers #success #quotes
Step into my office! Massive day with over 60 @bodyscience ambassadors and health experts coming down to @orangetheorywaterloo and getting educated and a BIG burn on! 26,000 calories burnt in 2 sessions😳😳😳 #TeamBSC #orangetheoryfitness #EPOC #Results #Education #Nutrition
READ THIS CASE!! 😱 Man goes to the hospital complaining about a migraine only to find he has had a knife in his brain for FOUR years!! A man who went to the doctor complaining of a headache was shocked to discover he'd had a 4inch knife blade stuck in his brain for that long. . His history revealed that he was stabbed during a robbery four years ago, and the blade of the knife had lodged in his cranium. But despite receiving treatment for his injuries, doctors failed to notice the knife buried deep in the 37-year-old's skull. Incredibly, it wasn't until he visited the doctor last month to complain of his continuous migraines that doctors finally made the grim discovery after a routine X-ray. He underwent an operation to remove the knife and is now in a stable condition in hospital. . His surgeon said he had never seen anything so bizarre in his entire career. He said it was a miracle that he could survive being stabbed in the head, let alone survive having the knife lodged in his brain for four years. . Anatomical Relevance: The sensory neurological supply of the scalp is named by the region it innervates and is called: supratochlear, supraorbital, zygomaticotemporal, auriculotemporal, lesser occipital, greater occipital, & 3rd occipital nerves. Trauma or injury to the head can produce nerve damage leading to head numbness and other acute neurological disorders. Irritation and pressure on the cervical nerves as well as traumatic injury to the head causing blood loss, contributes to the loss of sensation in the scalp, face and head. . If you or a loved one are experiencing these conditions, go to the emergency room immediately to prevent any further complications. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone! 💪🤓 . FOLLOW US & TAG YOUR FRIENDS! . 📸 by @medicalpedia
Exciting new release!! "A Bear’s Life" is the second children's book in the My Great Bear Rainforest series, after "Wolf Island". Black bears, grizzly bears, and spirit bears all make their home in the #GreatBearRainforest. #ABearsLife uses stunning photographs by Pacific Wild's Executive Director, @iantmcallister, to follow these beautiful animals through a year in the British Columbia wilderness—catching fish, eating berries, climbing trees and taking long naps. We have just released an @orcabookpublishers Author Feature on the writer Nicholas Read to our blog at Featuring captivating and intimate looks at the lives of wild bears, this book has been called "an easy pick for nonfiction animal collections". Books bought through Pacific Wild goes to our bear conservation efforts - link in profile or @ #youth #childrensbooks #kermode #spiritbear #bearcub #bear #blackbear #greatbearsea #learn #education #photography #bookstagram #bookshelf