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Super Lunes ! Hoy es el día para arrancar a entrenar con todo! Descargate mi App de AppStore y PlayStore #MaguiFitness y entrenamos Juntos ☀️
To get over the past, you first have to accept that the past is over. No matter how many times you revisit it, analyze it, regret it, or sweat it, its over. It can't hurt you anymore. 🌅🌻🦋🐥🦄🦁🥒🌶💓✨ ✨ Words by Mandy Hale. Praying for our world to heal and move forward right now.
Double Tap if you love Cheat Meals 🍔💪 Follow @hotworldfitness for more ✅ . . Credit @andreideiu_
Posted this the other day and then had second thoughts. But hey I was feelin myself so I'm embracing the lil self love I had. ❤️❤️❤️ #happylilnutter #baddaysbuildbetterdays
Give these exercises a try your next leg day! 🍑 1️⃣Smith machine wide stance Squats with 10lb plates elevating your toes and placing the tension on your heels. Focus on pushing the weight out to the side as you squat down and especially as you drive up. Come up to the top but don't thrust your pelvis forward or squeeze your glutes completely at the top. The plates help you go deeper and also makes you feel it more in your glutes vs. Quads. ➖5 sets: 15 reps 2️⃣Reverse Hack Squat Good-mornings - biggest thing is to keep a slight bend in your knees and never lock them out. Don't rush through this movement. Think shout squeezing your hamstring and then forcing your butt back and down while keeping that tension on your hamstring. Drive up from the heel of your foot while still keeping the same tension on your hamstring. Keep your back straight! ➖4 sets: 15 reps 3️⃣Stiff-Leg DL's - similar points to as above. Make sure your back stays straight and your chest stays up throughout this movement. Viewing the video I shouldn't have gone as low as I did, as I lack the mobility to do so. ➖4 sets: 15 reps
Struggling with pull-ups? 😫 You are definitely not alone in this! They are one of the HARDEST exercises! This year I made it a goal to be able to do 10 pull-ups without assistance! 💪🏼 To get there I've been incorporating them into my training 2-3x/week! Here are my top tips for progression: >1️⃣Start with chin-up holds to build up strength, or use as a warmup! >2️⃣Using bands or an assisted machine! >3️⃣Once you get 1 down, keep practicing! Repetition is key! TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS THIS! 😊
Had an awesome morning talking all things business with Daniel, owner of @argoespresso. Im super excited to announce we will be joining forces to bring some new and exciting items to the Argo Menu. I won't give too much away regarding the first item but anyone that knows me will know I love my Argo Smoothie Bowls and love my Nutella 😉 #nevemovementnutellabowl #argoespresso #argo