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Ce la posso fare. 😅
This shirt speaks to me on so many levels 😭😭😭. Happy lil nutter butter right here. #whydoialwaysdothehandthing
Fashion Week is almost too hectic not to eat but Seamless saves the day yet again! Seamless is always there for the busy New Yorker no matter what your cravings are! Follow @seamless for more food inspiration 🍣💕🗽 #HowNewYorkEats #partner
Let those glutes shine bright like a diamond 💎 TRYING TO GROW YOUR GLUTES?? 🍑This has been one of my biggest goals throughout training so I thought I'd share the top tips I've learned along the way! 😊 Hoping this will answer all of your glute questions! 1️⃣TRAIN HEAVY! To train my glutes I always do 1-2 isolate exercises at the end of my leg days to burn them out! I usually train in the 8-12rep range (hypertrophy training, best for muscle growth) **usually I'll put higher rep glute exercises into my cardio circuits for some shaping :)) My favourite exercises: HIP THRUSTS, CABLE KICKBACKS, WALKING LUNGES, LUNGES! 2️⃣EATTTT! I've heard of way too many people trying to grow glutes and acheive shredded abs at the same time. That's REALLY difficult because you'll need to be eating in a surplus for glute growth and a calorie deficit to lean out. Your body is going to have a hard time achieving both simultaneously. Keep your diet clean with whole foods though! That's a big part of how I never lost control of the bulk, I've done my whole bulk on healthy food :) 3️⃣REST! As much as I know the hardest part for many of us may be resting, it's so important! Don't be training your glutes everyday hoping for growth! I reccomend no more then 3x/week, I train them 2x/week :) 4️⃣PATIENCE!! I get so many messages of people getting discouraged they've been killing it the gym for a month and aren't seeing huge progress. STICK WITH IT!! It's taken me over a year to see huge changes! 🙈 Send me a message with any questions you have, let's get you to your goals! :)
Weight Loss Inspiration (sorry for the bad censor)! Double Tap for Respect! 💖🤙🏻 - FOLLOW () for more fitness motivation and inspiration! 💪🏻💖 - Credit: unknown Follow us ( @fitness_hour_) for more! *************************** #bodybuilding #Gym #fitness #training #workout #muscles #protine #diet #coach #health #cardio #squat #arnold #mark #fit #markfit #jeffseid #ulisses #andredeiu #asthetics #calisthenics #bar #sport
Definitely mon favori way to do cardio #🐒stylez. Simultaneously sucky and a great time 🤷🏼‍♀️😄. Just find a studio and you're gooood to go. - I'd highly suggest a larger room or going length-wise so you don't need to turn around so many times (I treated 2 ways as 1). - Duck walk - 3x10 ss reptile pushies - 3x across room Rest + repeat 4x - Broad jumps - 3x6 ss plank drags - 3x across room Rest + repeat 4x - Side shuffle to push-up - 3x6 Rest + repeat 4x - I like to pair abs with cardio because I dislike both but the endorphins post-cardio make the abs seem like a better idea 😉. It's all about strategy, man 👌🏻. - Although it's not necessary, I hiiighly suggest finding a frand or two to do these with. Or enough for teams! People (myself included) work SO much harder when when they're up against others and part of a team. Also I look like a big dork doing lateral movements so I should probably work on them more frequently. Also also #duckwalkslooksilly #buttheyresupercool #trust - 🎵RetroVision - Puzzle
There's always more than one way to do something right. I'm often asked if I switch up my routines, and the answer is, no. Not really. But I do constantly change factors such as grip position, angles, shocking principles. So whilst my muscle groups and general approach to training remains fairly constant, my approach to each workout is never the same as the one previous to it.