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what's your favorite color?🥀 - "This is for everyone who has been hurt, taken for granted, for all of the girls with heavy hearts and smudged mascara.
Baby girl you listen, and you listen good.
Stop looking in the mirror, glaring at your reflection, that girl with the sad eyes staring back at you is the only person you have in this cruel world. Has being your own worst enemy ever really worked out for you? How about you try something different, become your own hero, because believe me when I say you’re damn worth saving.
Your body was made with imperfections, those flaws you so desperately wish to change is what paints you into an imperfect masterpiece. So what if the boy you like doesn’t appreciate the way your thighs don’t touch, someday someone is going to walk into your life and love you completely because of those imperfections, not in spite of them, but better yet one day you will learn to love the skin on your body and baby that’s going to be the best feeling of acceptance you’ll ever experience.
So the boy you love, your best friend, who you thought was your soul mate broke your heart? 
Sure you feel like your body’s on fire and slowly you’re disintegrating into ashes, but the flames are all in your head darling and you can put them out yourself, you don’t have to watch yourself fade away. You’re going to be okay, maybe not today or tomorrow but beautiful flowers take a long time to blossom but fuck is it worth it, right? 
Don’t you ever let me hear you say again that he left because you’re to broken for anyone to love, there is no such thing as ‘to broken’ not to the ones who are worth it anyway. 
He’s an idiot for leaving, but you know what? It’s a natural, excruciating part of life, some people walk into your life with no intention to leave but one day you’ll wake up reaching out to kiss him good morning… But he’s no where to be seen. But that’s all on him, you can’t rip yourself to shreds searching for excuse after excuse as to why he left, stop searching for an answer that you never got,
You’re not a fucking puzzle with a missing piece, you do not need him to complete you. You only need you to complete you"
Be with someone who makes you laugh even on your worst days.
Menciona a tu pareja. 💑 #dichosdenovios #frases #quotes #love 👉 Sigue a: @Rayito2k.
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life is only as good as your mindset ~ . . . #janganlupabahagia #janganlupacucimuka #happyweekend #quotes