Why do we love watching Blooper reels so much? Seeing the "outtakes" when people try their best to keep a straight face or deliver a line...but end up failing spectacularly. What usually happens? . Everyone on set bursts out in laughter -- and we do, too. . Why? Because the actor or the person who messed up understands that even though they made a "mis-take", there's always another take, another chance, and that "failure" in this moment doesn't mean failure forever. . And if you can accept that reality, then you can slow down and be in the moment you're in -- and recognize how funny of a mess-up you just made, and turn something that could've been frustrating, humiliating, or depressing --- into JOY. . Let's mess up together. (And laugh about it after.) . Join me at my next improv workshop: "Never Be Self-Conscious Again". Find more info at the link in my bio (

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Some upper body burnout moves for ya girls! 💪🔥 Grab a weight plate (I'm using 10 lbs for the first move and 25 lbs for the second) and do each move for 30 seconds right after the other, rest for 15 seconds, then repeat 3x 😉 #fitbodyguide
Remember when you took my car this morning because yours was bone dry ⛽️? That's gotta be love 🙄 6 years of officialness. This is us 👏🏽 love you @gaftonguy 💕hope you don't mind that I call you partner now, "bf" is tired af. 😘
Monday Kickstart! 1.12-15 reps each side 2. 60seconds 3. 12-15 reps 4. 60seconds 3-5 rounds #alexiaclark #queenofworkouts #fitforareason #fit #fitness #fitgirl #workoutmotivation #monday #motivation #workout #gym
Enjoying the last few days of hot weather before it gets cold out.
Olha, esse foi campeão! 😂😂 ---- ---- @fbranco1990 📦:cfhplinhaverde 🏆: @cf_league 🦉: @fellipematts
Do you think he could make it??? @artem_1997_06 😲😲😲😲 @jeresky @splashdiving_nation 😜😜 #grt
Tá de shortinho🎵🎤Bem coladinho🎵🎤tá bem safado🎵🎤Descaradinho🎤 Vocês pedem eu gravo😍❤ Música: @psirico 💖 @attooxxa Coreografia: @fitdanceportal #isabellabarbosa #polpadabunda #psirico #metedança #dança #lovedance #amodançar #shortinho #adoro #funk #axé #pagodão #Goiânia #bahia #salvador #short #Rapunzel #morena #academia #fitness #fitgirls
FOLLOW ( @mr_relentless2.0 ) Hate when this happens 😆 #relentless