kids, ur looking @ a dreamer. someone who won't stop till they have reached the goals they daydream about on the daily. feeling very clear about my future & i couldn't be more excited. & having millions of people backing me up on my path is definitely one of best feelings in the world, i owe it all to u. i stand for the kids who challenge themselves everyday & work towards a better understanding of life. we all have different routes, but we will all be successful in life in ways beyond money & the materialistic bullshit. I have ur back & u have mine. we ain't stoppin, :) sorry, just thoughts roaming my head right now & wanted to inspire a bit. GET OFF INSTAGRAM & DO SOMETHING THATLL BETTER URSELF, u got this shit.

  • Awww thanks Jc
    01-Sep-2017 00:01:00 AM
  • 01-Sep-2017 04:09:32 AM
  • Get off instagram assssss ur on instagram
    01-Sep-2017 20:31:30 PM
  • Haloooo there 💖🌹🍦🍩
    01-Sep-2017 22:34:40 PM
  • Ily
    02-Sep-2017 06:28:27 AM
  • thanksss jc ly♥️♥️
    02-Sep-2017 08:59:10 AM
  • Thanx dad
    03-Sep-2017 01:28:15 AM
  • this SPEAKS to me
    03-Sep-2017 03:57:53 AM
  • ❤️❤️❤️
    04-Sep-2017 03:32:36 AM
  • freakin model
    04-Sep-2017 05:10:42 AM
  • preach
    04-Sep-2017 22:37:33 PM
  • 💙💙💙
    05-Sep-2017 03:41:51 AM
  • I challange myself everyday, to not cry at the fact that u dont follow me.
    05-Sep-2017 13:43:22 PM
  • ily
    05-Sep-2017 20:37:57 PM
    11-Sep-2017 04:00:09 AM
    11-Sep-2017 05:26:04 AM
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    11-Sep-2017 06:09:25 AM
  • Everyone show support on my new k&j account please love you all xx
    11-Sep-2017 20:19:19 PM
  • wtf ily
    11-Sep-2017 22:20:18 PM
  • sooo inspirational🙌🏻 i admire you and you're determination & effort to succeed. you're amazing. i would love to be where you are right now & I'm so glad you get to say you fucking made it. you show me that anything is possible, you just gotta work towards it. i wanna live my life to the fullest & fulfill my dreams just like you did. #staycloudy i love you so much & i know so many other people do too. keep doing what you're doing. you make so many people so happy & you really are an inspiration :))
    12-Sep-2017 01:27:12 AM
  • Ahh to be in your mid 20s and still think this way before you become jaded and bitter. Live it up while you're young and I hope this thoughts don't start to fade. Nor do your "candid" artsy IG pics.
    12-Sep-2017 18:45:04 PM
  • I love youuu ❤❤
    14-Sep-2017 23:13:25 PM
  • 20-Sep-2017 02:21:03 AM
  • I just want to say that I seriously admire how selfless and easy going you are ! Even through your Instagram you can tell that you have a huge heart for the welfare of people in general . You are inspirational ! Even watching your videos seeing how you're always down to do something fun or be the butt of a joke at the expense of someone else's joy . I seriously love the person that you are and who you are becoming ! I pray you never stop dreaming , that you continue to evolve and inspire, andddddd that all your hearts desires (big and small) fine true in a way you could never imagine ! Keep being you and know that even people you've never met before are willing you to succeed ! No matter what anyone else says !
    27-Sep-2017 23:03:51 PM
  • 29-Sep-2017 20:01:09 PM
  • @kileys_page OHMYGOSH
    07-Oct-2017 00:41:48 AM
  • I'm a dreamer as well ! Just dreaming to meet u and become a model OR singer
    09-Oct-2017 04:03:00 AM
    09-Oct-2017 23:57:24 PM
  • Thinking about tacos? 😂
    13-Oct-2017 19:11:11 PM
  • Great minds speak great words💞
    28-Oct-2017 18:40:13 PM
  • I love this
    28-Oct-2017 22:48:13 PM
  • hey hey just a reminder that you are a living inspiration ☮ and you have nothing but pure soul 👽 never stop going for the things you want, making your dreams a reality 🍃 you're something gr8 my dude. Xoxo 💗
    29-Oct-2017 15:51:13 PM
  • cuteeee
    02-Dec-2017 19:51:14 PM
  • That's wussup! People controll they own life!! Do it u as well! :D
    14-Dec-2017 10:34:31 AM
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