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You better watch out when #Thanksgiving dinner is ready!
What is passive immersion cooling (aka open bath immersion cooling)? In this simple concept, hardware is immersed in a nonflammable dielectric liquid that boils on the heat generating electronics. Because the enclosures are not hermetically sealed and they are not under pressure (just like a freezer, the lid is simply closed when access is not needed), it's also called open bath immersion cooling. If it sounds a little radical, know that the boiling point is very low (ie. 34°, 49°C, depending on fluid) and that passive 2-phase (evaporative) immersion cooling has been around for decades to cool high value electronics in tens of thousands of systems including super computers, industrial applications and radar or microwave relays. The key difference is that all these systems are sealed and under pressure. Passive 2-phase immersion cooling (also known as open bath immersion cooling) eliminates all these complexities and makes the system very practical. #worldofengineering #engineering #technology #science #immersion #cooling #electronics #computer
In a long-distance relationship? This could help. The full article on this topic is available on and in the Curiosity app! #touch #distance #longdistance #relationship #gadget #tech #technology #curiosity
- Follow me ( @321fact)💡Pic for illustration only. - Read more below⬇️ - Samsung’s dream is to beat Apple’s iPhone, and that’s why the Galaxy S8’s development codename was “dream.” However, no Galaxy S or Galaxy Note device captured the mind of buyers like the iPhone rival, no matter how hard Samsung tried. But the Korean giant may have an ace up its sleeve, a smartphone unlike anything else available out there, iPhone included. It’s called Galaxy X, but not for the reasons you expect. If you think Galaxy X is Samsung’s way of copying the iPhone X name scheme that’s not actually accurate. We’ve seen the Galaxy X moniker thrown around back when the iPhone X was still referred to as iPhone 8 in rumors. Because, you see, the Galaxy X is Samsung’s first bendable smartphone, a device that’s so complicated it might see a limited launch before Samsung is able to manufacture it en-masse. Samsung kept demoing foldable mobile devices for years at tech trade shows, but it never was ready to launch one — the Galaxy Round doesn’t count as one, don’t even try! But the Galaxy X may be the first one to ship to consumers at some point in the near future, and Samsung has seemingly confirmed its existence. Asupport page went up on Samsung’s website for an SM-G888N0 handset, as spotted by Dutch-language site MobielKopen. Samsung’s support document doesn’t offer any insight into what the SM-G888 family of devices is supposed to be, but that model number has been associated with the Galaxy X many times in the past. According toMobielKopen, the SM-G888 already received various certifications from regulators, including the Bluetooth SIG, the Wi-Fi Alliance, and South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency. What’s interesting about the Galaxy X is that we haven’t seen any leaks aside from reports detailing the phone and these certifications. All Samsung smartphones get leaked well ahead of their time, as there’s no such thing as keeping a Samsung gadget secret.
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_ ناسا در آخرین بررسی های خود اعلام کرده که احتمالأ کره زمین در سال 2036 نابود می شود. ناسا دلیل این نابودی را برخورد یک سیارک به نام Apophis با زمین می داند و معتقد است که این برخورد شاید برای همیشه نسل بشر را منقرض کند. برای اولین بار در سال 2004 بود که ناسا، Apophis را کشف کرد. برای 13 سال گذشته، ناسا در حال بررسی این سیارک بوده و حالا پس از بیش از یک دهه بررسی و تحقیق، به این نتیجه رسیدند که این سیارک در سال 2036 و دقیقأ در تاریخ 13 آوریل 2036 با زمین برخورد می کند! این ادعای ناسا را باور کنیم یا نکنیم؟ نظر خود را با ما به اشتراک بگذارید. ____________________________________________________ برای دیدن مطالب و ویدیوهای بیشتر دنیای فناوری @vinamag را فالو کنید لینک سفارش تبلیغات در بیو پیج ____________________________________________________ #ناسا #زمین #نجوم #نابودی #تکنولوژی #فناوری #آینده #وینا #وینامگ #vina #vinamag #mag #technology #earth #nasa #apophis #milkyway
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