• 13-Aug-2017 05:25:15 AM
  • Atiitt..vroh 😂
    13-Aug-2017 05:31:40 AM
  • Ok boleh @kulelagi
    13-Aug-2017 05:41:31 AM
  • Sakiit inii sakit
    13-Aug-2017 05:45:41 AM
  • Aduh sakit tu
    13-Aug-2017 05:49:14 AM
  • Hampir aja
    13-Aug-2017 05:53:44 AM
  • Semangat, Kakak
    13-Aug-2017 06:07:12 AM
  • Banyak aksi dia
    13-Aug-2017 06:11:40 AM
  • Kasian
    13-Aug-2017 06:32:14 AM
  • Ah sakyit @ventinrllta
    13-Aug-2017 07:09:44 AM
  • Sakit
    13-Aug-2017 07:50:32 AM
  • Air nya di sebelah nya mas
    13-Aug-2017 07:53:12 AM
  • Sokouur...
    13-Aug-2017 08:09:24 AM
  • Kasihan
    13-Aug-2017 08:12:51 AM
  • Skill muantap
    13-Aug-2017 08:16:56 AM
  • Strong😂
    13-Aug-2017 08:41:55 AM
  • Pentaa kill:v
    13-Aug-2017 09:14:06 AM
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂trlalu pintar....
    13-Aug-2017 09:44:00 AM
  • Tempurung sakit coeg
    13-Aug-2017 09:44:58 AM
  • Taps jiwaa😂
    13-Aug-2017 10:56:09 AM
  • Auu RIP dengkul 💀
    13-Aug-2017 12:34:40 PM
  • Lah, tulul😂😂😂
    13-Aug-2017 12:56:21 PM
  • Anjir kaki tulang kering tuh😲
    13-Aug-2017 14:24:48 PM
  • Arrow to the kneee
    13-Aug-2017 14:26:47 PM
  • R.I.P. Botak
    13-Aug-2017 14:27:37 PM
  • Duh
    13-Aug-2017 14:50:24 PM
  • 13-Aug-2017 14:52:14 PM
  • Kerennn
    13-Aug-2017 16:55:19 PM
  • Kerennn
    13-Aug-2017 18:30:36 PM
  • Boleh tuh coba sekali lagi
    13-Aug-2017 19:39:24 PM
  • @acill06 gimana ya cil
    13-Aug-2017 19:43:20 PM
  • 13-Aug-2017 20:58:16 PM
  • Wahhhhh ntapp tuu malunya @t.teity
    14-Aug-2017 00:13:34 AM
  • Rip irung 😂
    14-Aug-2017 00:46:25 AM
  • Hefan aee gaes
    14-Aug-2017 05:55:20 AM
  • Aduh..... Sakit banget itu
    14-Aug-2017 08:16:42 AM
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