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Tag who you'd sit with! Sunset views at @shangrilaabudhabi ✨ are the best in Abu Dhabi! Check out the amazing property for more!
Look girly da @docedecoco_oficial ☺️
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Being "fit" and having the perfect body, is not where happiness lies. That's also not even close to the definition of body positivity. Diet culture will continue to try to make you believe that being skinny/fit or losing that 10-15-etc pounds will allow you to have that elusive happiness we all are looking for. At my skinniest, I was so unhappy, starving myself, constantly over analyzing myself, could never sit and have a normal dinner with friends without major anxiety of how many calories I was having or thinking of how I could go workout when I got home to burn off what I had eaten. You will see people talk about how they can stay skinny without starving, or over exercising, but let me say again, being ANY size, weight, look does not equate happiness. When you have the mentality that, when you have "this" or look "this way" or lose "this much" true happiness is never achievable. Authentic is happiness now. Authentic happiness is loving the skin your in, it's BALANCE, it's eating healthy for my mental and physical health/well being, but eating what I love because I want to 🤷🏽‍♀️. Life is too short for the "what ifs", and "I'll be happy when I look like this"s. Body love and authentic happiness is now, and THAT is 100% achievable. You, and your life, is not defined by your weight or how you look. Do not be fooled ☝🏽ps. I was in such a trash place with myself yesterday and my best friend took this photo to make me feel better thx bonnet pps I picked this photo purposefully so you can see my dimples and scars, you guys ask why I don't have dimples sometimes and I'm like trust me it's there lol
The #TeamMelbourne crew providing exceptional onboard experiences to our customers. Staff snap from one of our CSMs, Brad.
That's a wrap, New York. So sad to say goodbye but I am totally stuffed. My last shot is assorted dumplings from the masters at @mimichengs in Nolita. Hope you had a wonderful time following along the last 24 hours and if you want more great food and travel pics, follow me @jasonbkessler.
Sprawling Luxury Home | Photo by @the_luxury_life @megacribs | #theluxurylife