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From @frutselmuppie: “Doing some meowga. Here’s my hooman-pose” #catsofinstagram
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And old reminder. Just because you see my animals being docile or calm does not mean ALL are this way. Do i have calm kings for example? Yes, like 90% are fine with me and know i'm not a threat. But the other 10% do not trust me and are defensive. 3 baby Tak kings, Emperor are extremely defensive and will strike-bite if i don't respect their space. I have some psycho vipers that are extremely defensive. So just cause i can do something.. does not mean it is a good idea to. They're not toys, keeping venomous isn't fun and games. One mistake could be your last. I'm glad i have sparked interest in a ton of people but i want you guys to be careful and understand these animals have a mind of their own. You cannot control them. If people really want to get into keeping snakes, let alone venomous.. then ok, no problem. Just do it responsibly. Do not rush into it. Do not disrespect the animal. Plenty of time to build up experience haha, find a mentor even (better.) this vid was of my old Malaysian king cobra. She's at the snake farm now since i had to leave her before i went to America 2 years ago (now back in Thailand.) Anyways, i hope you guys n girls make the right decisions out there. This community welcomes you if you are willing to follow some guidelines for you and everyone's safety. Do not just get animals for the "wow or cool" factor. It's going to bite you in the a$$. - my hook slid against the floor at the end-
From @hazelnut_dog: "Bunk bed for dog 🛏 Good night 😴 우린 이제 이층침대에서 잔다! 날씨 츄우저쓰니까 이불 꼭 덮고자야해! 🛏" #cutepetclub
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1 Ew 2 meh 3 the devil 4 I enjoy it don't judge me 5 is there anyone who doesn't like this 6 not a fan
📷 from @bonebone29 ~ double tap ~ #lovelycatonline
Boop 👆 📷: @gus_gus_goof 🐶: Vizsla #boopmynose