• Watch my cover of Without You by Oh Wonder? Link in bio :))
    13-Aug-2017 00:08:38 AM
  • @olivia_laren yes definitely!!
    13-Aug-2017 00:10:07 AM
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@theo__cook's "impossible" Japanese sunrise dovetail may well be one of the prettiest things we’ve ever seen. Follow @theblonde
The beard is not fashion, it's the way of life. If you want to grow up a great stubble, trust me and follow me. I use only safe cosmetics for my beard @thebeardstruggle. I have a discount of 10% for you. use the code "Pavel" #thebeardstruggle #beardoil #barber #beardlife
There are no words to express how much I love you @tomvdink 🖤
my ghibli pin collection is forever growing ♥︎
There's something really special about finding people who you don't have to pretend around. . Wrapping up another @1stphorm #phamily weekend where I didn't take any photos, half the time my phone was in another room, and I had the most amazing time. . It has taken me a long time to find people who let me be my weird self and still love me after. This weekend was filled with more jokes, laughter, and craziness than I could handle. . Thank you @andyfrisella @mrfrisella and Chris Klein. For everything that you do. For having these weekends, bringing all of us together, and allowing me to be a part of this. I'm thankful every single day that I have y'all in my life. . Till next time 🖤
🐉 @esra 🙏🏻