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From: @yeahitssiobhan #cats_of_world and follow us to be featured 😻
From @omajeeb: “Cinderella: Come here! What do you think you're doing little Chiquita? Chiquita: but human is teaching me how to walk like a model!" #catsofinstagram
A self-rolling Corgito. 🌯🐶🍑 (📹 @lacorgi) #corgi #burrito
Your first emoji is your reaction 😂🐱 @funniesthomeclips 👈 - Credits : dm plz
How do snakes move without feet you ask? Observe the muscles move and contract to push the snake. The big belly scales will grip the surface and push, helping the snake move forward.
Ok, qui Nadine vince. (Per l’occasione: NADINE TERRANEVE ;) Tutte le volte che la guardo rido😂🙈 Mi aiutate a dare un titolo a questa foto?! Voi cosa scrivereste?
Como assim 😱
My hedgehog watches me 💤😍 Credits to @naya.thegsd 👈