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#HATESTORY4 Consider the fact that maybe…just maybe…beauty and worth aren’t found in a makeup bottle, or a salon-fresh hairstyle, or a fabulous outfit. Maybe our sparkle comes from somewhere deeper inside, somewhere so pure and authentic and REAL, it doesn’t need gloss or polish or glitter to shine." 'Because I’m worth it’ is an iconic belief that resonates with so many, for good reason. Now more than ever that simple phrase is a powerful reminder to us all, as woman are coming together, rising up, and standing for their value. We are worth it. We are different shapes and sizes. We are different colors. We are beautiful inside and out. We are kind. We are brave. We are vulnerable. We are flawed. We are perfect. We are worth it. And we each have a story to tell. Which is why I was so moved by the ‘Your Skin, Your Story’ campaign. It's a beautiful illustration that we are in this together. And we are listening to one another and celebrating each other for both our similarities, and our differences. Now THAT'S beautiful." -Me :) #worthsharing #truematch 🎉😊🎩💋 #HateStoryIV #fitness #motivation #BodyByUrvashi #dedication #motivation #london #uk #workout
Recette du Jour 😍 50% d'action mélangé à 50% d'ambition laissez mijoter quelques jours et vous obtiendrez 100% de concrétisation, à servir au désert pour apprécier vos 200 % de satisfaction 😂❤️ et vous quelle est votre recette ? 🍀 #recette #mydubai #dubai @hextie
When you're trying to take a body video and your dog does everything to get your attention .. including pretending to jump out the window cause she knows you'll tell her off 😆😆😆
Werbung/ #comingsoon Bald kommt eine kleine Zwischenkollektion von @beyondlimitscom 😍🙏 Dieses Outfit wird es noch in Khaki und Grau geben👀 Ich bin schon richtig in love mit diesem schönen rot🔥 Wie findet ihr es?😊 #beyondlimits
when u haven’t seen your girl for 2 days... 🤗🤗 tag your person 💗 #tiugirls
Great to have these 2 in my corner 👊👊 #DreamTeam
Today is the day you drop it to the floor and move it like you don't care to your favorite song. 🎶 Here's how @alix_dancefit and her #ZumbaBestie do it. 💃 The song? 'Instruction' by Demi Lovato and Jax Jones. To find a class near you, go to our bio! #Zumba #ZumbaClass #DemiLovato 💃: @alix_dancefit @thefairydina