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Good morning everyone!!!! Today I'm going to tell you about Moonburner by @claireluna!!! This is a thrilling tale filled with celestial magic, death-defying adventure, and enduring friendships. This is perfect for fans of young adult fantasy with a strong female protagonist!!! . Doesn't that sound so amazing 😍😍😍! I don't know about you but I love strong females and the book cover is so pretty!!! . Thanks to the amazing author I have a giveaway for a signed copy of Moonburner and a $20 Amazon gift card! You can see how to enter down below: . GIVEAWAY Enter to win a signed copy of Moonburner and a $20 Amazon GC - follow me, @claireluna and @storygramtours - tag a friend you think will be interested For EXTRA entry - visit @lulumoonowlbooks account tomorow and repeat these steps RULES - Giveaway will end August 21st at midnight EST - US Only - not affiliated with Instagram -must be 18 or have parents permission -must be a public account so I can verify entries . Want to learn more about Moonburner click on the link in my bio! #MoonburnerTour #storygramtours . Summary: Kai is a Moonburner—a female sorceress reviled by her people and normally killed at birth. Except Kai's parents saved her by disguising her as a boy—a ruse they've kept up for almost seventeen years. But when her village is attacked, Kai’s secret is revealed and she’s sentenced to death. Thankfully, the gods aren’t done with Kai. Despite the odds stacked against her, she escapes her fate, undertaking a harrowing journey to a land where Moonburners are revered and trained as warriors. But her new home has dangers of its own—the ancient war against the male Sunburners has led the Moonburners down a dark path that could destroy all magic. And Kai, armed only with a secret from her past and a handsome but dangerous ally, may be the only one who can prevent the destruction of her people... Mulan meets Sarah J Maas in this thrilling tale filled with celestial magic, death-defying adventure, and enduring friendships. . . . #read #reading #books #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #booknookstagram #booksofinstagram #igbooks #bookphoto #booknerdigans #bookworm #epicreads #booknerd #book
What is your favorite book quote? 💜 ✨ We are in love with the cover for #WickedLikeAWildfire! It's a lush, magical story with very beautiful writing! It's about twin sisters with the ability to manipulate beauty as they unearth an ancient curse.
Whenever I'm feeling especially anxious and I end up with a lot of thoughts flying around my head I find it so calming to have a quiet morning and get them all out with pen and paper ✨☁️ I also like to make a note of the lovely messages and comments I get from you guys because they always makes me feel better ♡ . What's something that makes you feel calm & happy? I hope you're all having a good day! 😌
Fear. Trickery. Innocence. War. . Discover the darker side of Roald Dahl with four new collections of his stories.
Hey guys! Matcha doing today? I hope everyone is having a TEA-rriffic day! (you rolling your eyes at me? Haha. Sorry, but I’m not done yet…) . ☕️ How do you take your tea? 8 out of 10 times I drink herbal tea plain. Just steep and drink. But some times I get fancy and add a lemon slice or a dollop of honey or a splash of milk. I’m kind of hoping that I’ll get an amazing new idea from you guys to try. . ☕️ But that isn’t the sole purpose of my #booksandtea post today! I decided that I wanted to join the @NovelTeaTins rep search. (this is open until 11:59 p.m. EST on August 20, so you still have time to join the rep search if you are just hearing about it now.) I couldn’t resist entering because I absolutely adore clever things, and the way these guys have paired tea and books all through pun and hilarious titles is just the kind of thing I like to geek out over and share. . ☕️ Tea is my perfect reading drink because 1. Some times my nerves get SHOT while reading. A good dose of chamomile tea can steady me through a life-ruining thriller. 2. I admit that I use it to curb my appetite. I can’t eat a pie every other page while reading Heartless! A nice sweet tea satisfies the bookish eater in me. 3. After emerging from my room from a marathon reading session in my sweat pants and weird hair, taking tea in a nice tea cup reminds me that I’m still fancy AF. . ☕️ Anyway, thanks for putting up with my entry caption and my attempt at tea puns. . ☕️ CHAI FOR NOW!
Awwww yehhhhh my go to brekky! Oats, blueberries, pecans, yellow raisins. Healthy, filling, delicious, cheap, most importantly, vegan. ✌🏽
Для женщин, которые хотят от своей жизни нечто большее, чем дотащить мужика до загса и дверей роддома, очень рекомендую книгу «Хорошие девочки не добиваются успеха в бизнесе» Лоис П. Франкел. Лайк❤️,если рубрика #книготерапия_brain нравится. Фото @bansheeeeeee ⠀ Книга для тех, кто очень-очень хочет сделать карьеру, но почему-то не получается. Для тех, кто уже задумался, что он принадлежит к какому-то тайному братству, члены которого скорее погибнут, чем продвинутся по карьерной лестнице и начнут нормально зарабатывать. ⠀ Кстати, когда-то я тоже думала, что состою в этом братстве))) Без бурной деятельности у меня резко пропадает острота моего существования. Но долгое время что-то не складывалось. Желание всем помочь, всем угодить… всем кроме себя, не давало сделать квантовый скачок в профессиональном развитии. В моменты тотальной мягкотелости иногда очень важным бывает разжечь в себе огонь эгоизма. И данная книга учит это делать правильно. Притом делать по-женски. ⠀ Книга начинается с теста, где вам нужно будет ответить на 49 вопросов. По ответам вы сами увидите, в какой именно области у вас идут самые большие «пробелы»: 1️⃣Игра. Ваша работа – это игра. У нее есть свои правила, победители и проигравшие. И самая большая ошибка здесь – это не понимать, что вы участник игры. 2️⃣Роль. Какую роль вы сами себе отводите в этой игре? 3️⃣Мысли. Какие у вас вредные и полезные установки? 4️⃣Подача и вид. В России с такой жесткой женской конкуренцией иметь «нерабочую» внешность – просто непозволительная роскошь)) 5️⃣Звук. Насколько убедительно вы умеете говорить? 6️⃣Реакция. Как вы реагируете на стресс и «раздражителей»? ⠀ Книгу безумно интересно читать, так как автор разбирает 101 типичную ошибку женщин на работе. Для меня данная книга стала настольной и некоторые советы из нее я перечитываю регулярно. Надеюсь, вам она понравится так же, как и мне😉
••| darling.
The Law Library of Munich (Juristische Bibliothek München) in #Munich - #Germany (1906) 😍📚 📸: @jennxu #architectanddesign
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Back from an adventure 🌍 I've now returned from my holiday, I had a wonderful time in Majorca, it was very warm and didn't rain which is the complete opposite to England. I only managed to finish three books whilst I was away, I had hoped I would be able to finish more but not to worry since I'm still ahead on my reading challange. I'm also going to be updating my blog over the next couple of days with full reviews of everything I read. How are you guys fairing with your reading challenges? I've read 20 out of 30 🎉 - Room spray from @geekyclean use LOSTBOOK17 for a discount Page Anchor from @ @pageanchor use LOST15
📚📦🎊🎈 #پنجشنبه_براى_خارجى تازه هاى بخش كتاب خارجى ما رسيدند! حتما آخر هفته به ما سر بزنيد در عكس چه جنسى غير از كتاب ها،نظرتون رو جلب كرد⁉️🆕 < > < > < > < #تو_يك_فرشته_باش 👼🏻
Wait what -J
Be nice for no reason. 👌 #wisdomelevation 📷: @braedin
I absolutely love old film cameras, and I'm slowly collecting more of them ☺ I would love to learn how to develop photos from film myself, so I can get more use out of them! 😃 At the moment, though, they're mostly just looking pretty on my bookshelf 😉 #shelfie #vintagecamera #bookshelf #bookshelfie #bookcase #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #photooftheday #booklover #bibliophile #booknerd #bookworm #bookaholic #books #literature #igreads #bookstagramfeatures
Beautiful photo by @thestarlitreader. • Don't forget to tag your photos to #bookstagramfeature, so we can share them. ✌🏻️- Thomai, @lannistersbooks 🙈
|| Eldarwen ll -- Harry alçak sesle Snape'in Quidditch maçında hakemlik edeceğini anlattı. Hermione: Oynama. Ron: Hasta olduğunu söyle. Hermione: Ayağın kırılmış gibi yap. Ron: Ayağını gerçekten kır. -- #books #bookstagram #kitap #kitapönerisi #kitapsevgisi
Such a great leader with a great heart.. You know anyone who is as great as the boss? Follow @hustleclass 👈 for more Credit to rightful owners
I hope her book is okay
#kitapyorumu Aynı anda iki kişiyi birden idare eden insanlara hayranım. Şaka, şaka! Nasıl bir midesizlikse bu hiç gocunmadan aynı anda kişiyi idare edip, yakalanınca pişkince kendini haklı çıkarmaya çalışanlara tek bir şey söylemek istiyorum; inşaallah teneşire gelemezsiniz! Aradan geçen onca zamandan sonra bile Molly'nin yarattığı olayın etkisinin hâlâ geçmemiş olması Molly için ciddi bir sorun teşkil etsede, sadece 99 gün kalacağı annesinin evinde Molly'nin tek dileği yeni bir felaket yaratmamak. 99. Gün kesinlikle okuduğum hem en farklı hem de en çok sosyal mesaj taşıyan romantik bir kitaptı. Yazar ikili ilişkileri birazcık dallandırarak başta okuyucuya klasik normda bir suçlu yaratmış. Kurgunun bu şekilde başlayıp ilerlemesi başta size "sen çok klasik bir kitapsın' dedirtse de kitabın sonunda verilen mesaj ile beraber kitaba yaklaşılan bakış açısı tamamen değişiyor. Erkek egemen dünyasında sürekli suçlu bulunan kadınların bu kitapta "Erkeklerin hiç mi kabahat yok?" sorusunun sorulmuş olması ve okuyucuya bu şekilde bir düşünme payı verilmesi çok iyiydi. Kitap genel olarak felakete dönmüş bir ilişki yumağının ardındakileri anlattığı için haliyle karakterlerde biraz yıkıntıydı ki bu da betimlemelere fazlasıyla yansımıştı. Her karakterin derinliklerine ulaşmak benim hoşuma gitsene hala Molly karakterini sevmedim. Sebebi suçlu olması değil tamamen dikkatsiz olması ve beni bu yüzden uyuz etmesi. Kitabın dili kendi türüne göre oldukça hızlı okunan bir yapıya sahip ve hızlı biten bir türden. Sizi bilmem ama ben bu kitabı bitirdikten sonra ilişkilere olan bakış açımda bayağı bir değişikliğe uğramış olabilirim. Puanım:5 #pegasusyayınları
I have been loving seeing the little updates @stephanie_garber has been giving us of her writing process on her Instagram stories. It's getting me so hyped for the second 'Caraval' book. Book two of 'Caraval' has yet to have a title, but it's one of my most highly anticipated books for 2018. I'm so eager to return to the world and learn more about this mysterious Legend. • I was lucky enough to be one of the four people to reveal the paperback of 'Caraval' at YALC this year along with @merakicandles. I am besotted with the paperback cover too, and you can bet your ass that I'll be adding that to my collection. • I can't get over how cute these 'Caraval' magnetic bookmarks are! You guys know I have an unreal obsession with collecting these @happyhelloart bookmarks. I just had to buy these ones too. • What's one of your most highly anticipated books releasing in 2018?
I took a hot second break away from The Heart's Invisible Furies to power through Royally Endowed by Emma Chase ( LOVED IT 🙌🏻🔥) but I am so happy to be back with this powerful novel. . If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a gay man in 1950's Catholic Ireland, pick this book up on August 22nd. It's a powerful novel, taking you through the years of one man who has had to constantly hide who he truly is. It's moving and daunting, and I'm enthralled by every aspect of it. . What was the last book that absolutely amazed you? . .
"Co zrovna dělám." Aneb fakt nejsem minimalistista. #booklover #books #bookshelf #dorotaklasicky #dorotanoon #knihomol #knihovna
kalbin kırıldıysa ve bırakıp gittiyse seni ona yetip yetmediğini sorgulama aslında öyle çok yettin ki taşıyamaz oldu seni 🌿 • • • #books #kitap #vsco #vscocam #book #okumahalleri #kitap #kitapsever #kitapsevgisi #bookworm #booklover #bookaholic #bookblogger #pegasusyayınları #milkandhoney #sütvebal
Following the leaked GOT episode I have this huge frustration inside but I can't talk to you about it because I'm not a spoiling b-i-t-c-h. I will wait till next week. 📖 QOTD: What's the book with the most wtf/mindblowing/shattering ending you've read? 📖 #book #books #bookstagram #bookworm #booknerd #instabook #reading #read #shelfie #becauseofreading #bookgasm #books📚 #biblio #yalit #yalovin #yabooks #lovereading #bookshelf #bookstagramfeatures #bookishfeature #readbooks #bookflatlay #booknerdigan #booksarelife #readersofinstagram #booklover #booksph #bookart #bookgirl #l4l
Mancano 9 titoli e la collezione sarà completa. Fallito il progetto di leggerli tutti, vorrei dedicarmi almeno ad un paio entro la fine dell'anno. Quale mi consigliate? Tranne Romeo e Giulietta (letto e fatto innervosire parecchio😑) . . #booklover #bookaddict #bookporn #bookish #sheakspeare #bardo #bookcollection #englishliterature #classics #tragedy #drama #masterpiec #booktower #books #collection #colorful #color #bookstagrammer #bookstagram #igbooks #igreads #reading #writer #lettura #letture #leggere #leggerefabene #libro #libri #collezione
Question for you guys: do you guys read one book at a time or multiple? I usually have two books going and an audible. Is that bad or good do you think? Is it ADD? My darling book sleeves are from @sweetsequels use the code in my profile 🙌🏼💃🏼 #sweetsequels
Next book!! While I was researching #novels to read, this book kept coming up on the list of great #books of the year...and then I find out that Lady @Oprah has it on her booklist....Which only confirms that I'll be hiding in the bathroom again doing my 'just one more page' dance😆! we go: #beholdthedreamers by #ImboloMbue