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#tbt to an incredible weekend of winning the @pca_official Hampshire show and then taking the overall! 🏆🛡 Your mission in life is not merely to survive, but thrive. This is your movie and you are the main character. Don't look back with regret, Look forward and embrace your future. Excellence is never an accident. It's the manifestation of relentless effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. #motivation #passion #tomcoleman #prestigelifestyle #aesthetics #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #TEAMBULK #BULKPOWDERS #dream #athlete #active #model #actor #film #pca #pcapro #workout #gym #health #happy #style #fitfam #fitness #art #instahealth #diet #exercise #fashion
Lifeguard Connor valiantly protecting Santa Monica Beach. Lol. Also just released an epic new video! We actually filmed part of it right here on this beach. Basically we had girls react to my videos. I got completely roasted lol! Make sure you guys go check it out on my YouTube channel!
Weight Loss Inspiration! Double Tap for Respect! 🙏🏻🔥 - FOLLOW ( @tipstotrain ) for more fitness motivation and inspiration! 💪🏻💖 - Credit: @lovemykettlebells
🌤💦 ➖ Shorts by @209mare . ______ #209mare
We idolize beauty. We see it, we want it and we beat ourselves up if we don't have these features. We idolize bodies. We see certain characteristics and we want them, and again we beat ourselves up for not having them. We idolize success through materialistic things. If we don't have those things, we think we aren't as successful. - I remember thinking "what would it be like to be her? To be that beautiful? Life must be so easy." - This is the misconception I had. Thinking that this superficial beauty translated into pure, genuine happiness. - I envied those who had it, I wished I too could have it and I even chased it. I thought if only I could look like her or have her life, things would be simple, easy and free. - I try to think about why I was so drawn to this, could it be because everyone favours it? Society finds them beautiful and "loves" them? Could it be I wanted this love, this validation because I had yet to find it in myself? I craved this attention because I didn't feel worthy of it on my own? I thought perhaps the approval of others would let me finally approve of myself? - I've come to understand that this type of beauty doesn't translate into happiness. Happiness is not defined by the exterior even if you've once believed so. Happiness comes from the inner core. - I've been in a foreign place lately. I feel as if I am missing something. I've realized this "something" was my obsession with the way I looked, along with the value and self-worth I placed on myself based on appearance. I've let go of this. Let go of constantly feeling and telling myself I wasn't good enough. I've let go of chasing "perfection." I've let go of this draining, negative, misguided part of myself, that was on a mission to find happiness from the outside. On a mission of misery and failure. - We've built our lives on the validation and approval of others. To satisfy the opinions of these strangers, to please these people we don't even know. You are the only person who lives your life. Live it the way you want to and for yourself. Validation from others is empty and the route to unhappiness. Self-acceptance and self-love for YOURSELF is full. Full of love and happiness.
After gym : poledance and then running (-;
✖️TEAMSPARTA✖️ ⠀ Любительская Олимпия 2016. Я первый слева🤓 Весна/Осень 2018 обещает быть насыщенными такого рода мероприятиями. Набор мяса идет хорошо и надеюсь, слава рисочку, получится выставить форму лучше 🚀 ------------------------------------------------- #astana #fitnessfirst #fitnessfirstastana #athlete #bodybuilding #fitness #getfit #fit #workout #gym #physique #mensphysique #motivation #muscle #gym #abs #shredded #aesthetic #motivation #muscular #sport #health #man #ripped #ifbb #gainz
Workout of the day with a thera-band inspired by beautiful @alexia_clark 💪🍑🎈 happy Thursday and ENJOY!!! @letsbands @fitgirlvideos @fitgirlsworldwide @alyakattan @gununegzersizi 📹 @gurhanozbelge 👨🏻‍🎨👍 #gizemozdem1 #tapsportscesme