Orange flowers make me crave autumn's beautiful bright foliage. I just can't stand the hot weather anymore. Ironically, I just crossed the border to spend the remainder of my summer vacation on the beaches of New Jersey 🙈

  • this is perfection in a picture 😍 so gorgeous!
    12-Aug-2017 18:11:14 PM
  • Have fun at the beach!
    12-Aug-2017 18:11:24 PM
  • So gorgeous!
    12-Aug-2017 18:13:37 PM
    12-Aug-2017 18:15:37 PM
  • @inkonblankpages thank you 💕☺
    12-Aug-2017 18:23:54 PM
  • wow this is beautiful 😍 hope you have fun at the beach 💛
    12-Aug-2017 18:24:32 PM
    12-Aug-2017 18:24:42 PM
  • These flowers look amazing!! ✨🍂 Hope you have a good time in New Jersey 🙌🏼
    12-Aug-2017 18:41:45 PM
  • Hope you have a great time!! I'm craving autumn too 😭😭
    12-Aug-2017 18:44:43 PM
  • WOW this is beautiful!!! 😍
    12-Aug-2017 18:53:54 PM
  • I can't stand the heat either 😭 I'm so happy it's a little cooler today with it being gloomy and all
    12-Aug-2017 19:06:51 PM
    12-Aug-2017 19:19:02 PM
  • This is perfection 😍😍
    12-Aug-2017 19:28:11 PM
  • foliage...fancy word
    12-Aug-2017 19:36:30 PM
  • Cannot wait for autumn! Love this photo💖
    12-Aug-2017 20:21:29 PM
  • This is so pretty 😍😍
    12-Aug-2017 20:33:45 PM
  • blame miss tasic
    12-Aug-2017 22:31:01 PM
  • this is stunning 😍😍
    12-Aug-2017 23:35:25 PM
  • This shot is beautiful 👌👌
    13-Aug-2017 03:38:08 AM
  • Oh I love Autumn!
    13-Aug-2017 07:33:45 AM
  • Gorgeous colors
    13-Aug-2017 15:22:59 PM
  • Great work!
    13-Aug-2017 17:32:58 PM
  • Gorgeous shot!
    13-Aug-2017 20:29:58 PM
  • This is so beautiful. I love it so much!
    17-Aug-2017 04:10:49 AM
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