• Why is SoC a 3? Just wondering why you didn't love it! 👋🏼😄
    12-Aug-2017 17:54:16 PM
  • @zain_otoem_ I have a full review on goodreads (add me if you want so that it will pop up once you check SoC on goodreads) but I have some part of the review posted some in one of my previous posts🤗
    12-Aug-2017 17:55:55 PM
  • What do you think about The Queen Of Tearling?🤔😄
    12-Aug-2017 19:19:20 PM
  • of the Tearling*
    12-Aug-2017 19:20:04 PM
  • @stephaniech1031 I haven't read it, that's why I haven't rated it😂😂🙈
    12-Aug-2017 19:35:19 PM
  • Help! Trying to decide which series to start next: the falconer or six of crows??
    12-Aug-2017 19:38:47 PM
  • I LOVE that philosophers stone cover!
    12-Aug-2017 22:06:11 PM
  • OMG
    12-Aug-2017 23:26:01 PM
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