• In a field of bikes that are competing to cut weight why would they put double headers and silencers when no added horse power comes to being it the weight and cost of having two pipes ?
    12-Aug-2017 16:09:06 PM
  • Love that tank
    12-Aug-2017 16:11:11 PM
  • 👍
    12-Aug-2017 16:12:49 PM
  • So a Upshaw system for this thing should about $2000
    12-Aug-2017 17:57:33 PM
  • @jayson616 How do you know it won't have more power?
    12-Aug-2017 18:28:35 PM
  • They should add a second air filter too. More air = more power. Duh. I are engineer two.
    12-Aug-2017 18:34:48 PM
  • @jayson616 watch the intro video mang. The dual pipes allow them to have straighter exhaust exit, achieve the same effect of having a long head pipe and a thick one, dual mufflers allow them to shorten up the mufflers and pull weight closer to the center. Don't want the extra weight, don't eat that Big Mac tonight 🤘🏽
    12-Aug-2017 22:28:49 PM
  • 12-Aug-2017 22:56:54 PM
  • @brendonborrego nearly doubling the weight to "pull it in" slightly is not an effective way to improve a bike. Any power gains will be due to going to dohc
    13-Aug-2017 01:37:20 AM
  • @cdr188 you are right. They spend millions to see the power isn't there, but hey, let's leave it anyways 👌
    13-Aug-2017 02:19:57 AM
  • @brendonborrego they spend millions on marketing gimmicks too, and Honda is great at it.
    13-Aug-2017 02:21:21 AM
  • @cdr188 I may agree with you, but this isn't one of those instances. The original dual exhaust was. Completely was. But when exhaust can go straight out of the motor, as well as meet the needs of the motor through head pipes designed for separate needs, you can fine tune exactly how you want the motor to react. If you think the speed exhaust gas can escape the motor doesn't matter, tell me why motor company's always start with porting the head?
    13-Aug-2017 02:28:44 AM
  • @brendonborrego lol you'll see. The exhaust has you bend the same as if was single, and splitting the gases from one combustion event is counter productive. But clearly there marketing is working!
    13-Aug-2017 02:32:48 AM
  • @cdr188 damn you must be a motor builder. Tell me why you aren't paid the big bucks to work for them?
    13-Aug-2017 02:35:13 AM
  • @brendonborrego the proof will be when aftermarket companies come out with a 2 to 1 exhaust similar to the old XRs and likely run exactly the same, or better. Until then we'll have to wait and see
    13-Aug-2017 02:40:00 AM
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