Photo by @marcosalfonso_ Marcos Alfonso Gallardo Negrin ( @marcosalfonso_) came to visit friends in the countryside to drink maté, watch the sunset and take photos of horses. “When I’m in the city, I love the presence of people. But when I’m in the country, I love the absence of them,” he says. “I get inspired by the simplicity of nature and animals.” #TheWeekOnInstagram

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    02-Sep-2017 04:54:40 AM
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  • You deactivated @the.pinkcoconut account for no reason! @instagram
    04-Sep-2017 22:18:43 PM
  • Beutifull picture...
    06-Sep-2017 10:50:35 AM
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    06-Sep-2017 16:54:21 PM
  • Imagem linda demais 😍
    07-Sep-2017 05:19:24 AM
  • I love hores
    10-Sep-2017 14:42:46 PM
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  • @stefan.rokvic stasera?
    23-Sep-2017 17:51:26 PM
  • Esci alle 8:30 @deniscujba
    23-Sep-2017 17:52:20 PM
  • @stefan.rokvic dico quando esco, tieniti pronto tra 15 min
    23-Sep-2017 18:35:24 PM
  • 23-Sep-2017 18:37:15 PM
  • @stefan.rokvic esco alla casa giovane
    23-Sep-2017 18:55:19 PM
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    08-Oct-2017 07:53:35 AM
  • Esta imagen es hermosa,
    10-Oct-2017 16:26:28 PM
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