Photo by @elenyh “I wanted to show the color of summer in this photo,” says Elena Aparicio ( @elenyh). “Every year, I come here to walk through the sunflowers. I love the colors in this town.” 🌻🌻🌻 #TheWeekOnInstagram

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Paratroopers from the "E" Company, 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment "Strike", 101st Airborne Division, Greenham Airfield, around 8:30 PM, June 5th, 1944. Just a few hours after this photograph was taken the majority of the paratroopers photographed would be killed or wounded jumping into Normandy. Over 50% of the 502nd would be lost in the days following, making it one of the most costly airborne operations in the Regiment's history. Supposedly, the men of the 502nd had heard Betty Grable and other celebrities were visiting the paratroopers. Men began to run out of their tents to greet her but ran into General Eisenhower having to stand politely and listen to him. Eisenhower wrote that the paratroopers helped reinforce his decision on saying his infamous words "OK, Let's go." Which was the go ahead for D-Day. The Paratroopers said that he helped boost their morale for when they jumped after he said "Full victory-nothing else!" Their faces, blackended with camofluage, seemed hopeful yet understandbly anxious about the jump to come. For many this would be their last time ever experiencing dusk. At around 1 AM on the 6th of June these paratroopers would've jumped into Normandy under withering anti-aircraft fire. The majority pictured above did not survive that jump. (Colorized by me)