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FullyRaw Vegan Thanksgiving Stuffing with Pecan Gravy! 🥦🌽🥕 Enjoy this meatless recipe for the holidays! Full recipe video link in bio! 😘🙏🏽✨ ✨ Thanksgiving to me is a day to express gratitude. While I believe that we should express our appreciation and joy for what we have and to those we love on a daily basis, I very much enjoy sharing this holiday with my family and friends. I believe that the holidays can be healthy, not self-sabotaging or daunting. This is just one of many recipes that you can share that is raw vegan, filling, guilt-free, cruelty-free, and rainbow delicious! Tag someone you love below, and I hope you love this recipe! 🦃🥦🥕🙏🏽🌱✨ ✨ The full recipe is on my @fullyrawkristina YouTube channel. I am pretty much obsessed with my new @theveggiebullet. If you haven’t already gotten one, I highly recommend it for your kitchen! 💃🏽
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Over 45 million turkeys are needlessly killed each year for Thanksgiving! Now is as good a time as ever, to celebrate life peacefully instead of eating dead animals. Be thankful for your loved ones, show compassion to the animals, and care for our planet. We shouldn’t be doing this to poor turkeys every year to be thankful on one day. You don’t have to participate in the suffering and death of an innocent being’s life in order to “give thanks”. Nobody has to die in order for you to live and enjoy your life. Please think about what you’re doing this Thursday and EVERY DAY & leave animals off your plate.🦃 MAKE THE CONNECTION. GO VEGAN
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No traditional Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a glistening turkey to compliment that heaping pile of mashed potatoes and gravy. For those of us eating turkey this Thanksgiving, there are some facts you should know, first. #🦃
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