Photo by @agirlwithajournal Lina Doerwald ( @agirlwithajournal) remembers her first journal: it was a birthday gift from her grandmother, and she would go months without writing in it. Fast forward a few years, and the 19-year-old German student is writing, painting and drawing in her colorful notebooks almost every day. “Most weeks, I sit down three or four evenings to prep my journal with watercolors,” says Lina, who uses paints, pens and stamps to decorate the pages. She then fills her journals with handwritten words, printed photos and various bits and pieces of her daily life. “It’s the best way to get all my feelings out.” Lina frequently finds inspiration within the supportive journaling community on Instagram. “Everyone is so creative and always coming up with new ideas,” says Lina, who gives back with #KindComments. “I try to respond to every comment under my posts and show how much I appreciate the effort people make to write something that brightens my day.” To celebrate the upcoming #WWIM16💌 theme of Kind Comments, we’ll be featuring voices spreading messages of kindness within the Instagram community. Watch our Instagram story to take a look inside Lina’s journals. 📖

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