Photo by @wahnails From blinged-out 3-D acrylics to intricate portraiture, London’s WAH Nails ( @wahnails) paints fingertip canvases using the most cutting-edge techniques. “If there’s new tech, we’re trying to use it,” says the company’s social and communications manager, Ellen Ormerod. WAH Nails founder Sharmadean Reid was a pioneer of the nail art craze, starting her company in 2009, but her initial ambitions were simple: “It was just meant to be a place for Sharma and her friends to hang out and get their nails done,” says Ellen. Now the company boasts a hip Soho storefront with a dozen artists, each with their own specialty and style. “We have one tech who does lots of pastel girly stuff and one who does embellished sci-fi nails,” says Ellen, adding that styles are constantly changing based on trends. “There are always ways we can paint the new season’s prints, or we did one with Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ lyrics. We’re able to keep it relevant and fresh.” #💅 Check out some of WAH Nails’ latest designs on our Instagram story now!

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  • feminine mascara - poison arrows
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